Not True. Didn’t Happen. Prove It.

Two things have happened recently that lead me to believe that, in fact, I am actually asleep.

First off, I learned that I must register Stinkerbelle for kindergarten in the first week of February.

Second, today I was settling That Girl in for a little quiet time on the sofa this afternoon, and she needed a blanket because it’s been really cold here recently. So I went down to her bedroom to grab a blanket, and in her closet I found the baby blanket I knit especially for her, that travelled to and from Ethiopia, and covered her every night in her crib. I grabbed it and when I went to cover her with it, I realized that she’s too tall, and it won’t cover her anymore.

Now, I just KNOW that this is some sort of cruel hoax. There is no way that it can be anything but. There’s no way that nearly four and a half years have passed. There’s no way that she can be old enough to go to school, proper school all day, with lunch and recess and all that. And there is CERTAINLY no way that my little tiny newborn-sized baby is too big for the blanket that positively enveloped her in crib, plane, car, and her mom and dad’s arms.

Not true. Didn’t happen. Prove it.

But even more than that? This means that I am almost FIVE YEARS OLDER. And there is NO WAY I AM HAVING THAT.