Vacation Over and Out

Well, today was the end of vacation time here at the House of Peevish. BDH’s vacation days were done and he had to go back to work today, so I thought, meh, what the hell. And I went in to work as well.

Not surprisingly, and probably like most people, I find that going back to work after vacation time SUCKS, generally speaking. Most of the time, given the choice of “go to work” or “have more time off”, I’d rather be home being a lazy lump doing exactly nothing at all. Who wouldn’t?

But there’s also something kind of nice, the first day back, when the kids are still off school and their parents have to stay home to watch them. Those are the days when traffic is lighter, and the drive is less stressful, and the phones are quieter, and the office is less busy. It’s actually not bad, if you have to go to work, to be going in on those sorts of days.

The drive in this morning was nice. The moon was still out, big and low in the sky, even though it was nine AM and the sun was up. There was a little bit of slow falling, an ever-so-slight dusting on the road meaning we had to go a little slower than usual. There were few cars on the back roads, and absolutely no farm equipment — a nice change on a rural drive. And it was absolutely, 100 percent Mennonite free — which I must admit, when you fear you may have to pass horses and buggies on a snowy and potentially slippery road, is a great relief.

All was quiet on New Years Day. Well, the day AFTER New Years Day, if we’re being precise. Lacks the poetry, but whatever.

This morning, I had to take Stinkerbelle into the office with me. It’s the kind of place where that is okay, mostly because the guys I work with are often on the road. Also, it’s the kind of place where it’s okay because one of the reasons I work there is because I have that kind of flexibility. Anyway, back in December I told our day carer that we’d be off until the kids were back in school, but as this week rolled around, I realized there were some things I really had to get done that would require me to go in, after all. So I packed up kid and her Happy Fun Bag and off we went.

So, driving this morning, in the quiet and calm of what was still a day off for a lot of people, we meandered along the back roads and listened to some kids’ stories on CD. It was a pretty morning, and Stinkerbelle was in good spirits, and it was a good drive.

And once we got to work, in a strangely redecorated office, I realized that with the changes made over the holidays I could give Stinkerbelle a little more space to talk and sing and faff about and she wouldn’t bother anyone. And that made it much more relaxing for me. She watched a DVD Santa had brought her on our portable DVD player, ate snacks and a lunch, played with the dogs (my boss brought two of his dogs in; it’s also that kind of a place) and generally acted more patient than a four-year-old generally has the wherewithal to be. And thus, I got a lot accomplished in the few hours I was there today. With only the occasional reprimand of The Small Person to keep her reined in.

And if I am being completely honest, being as this holiday season was dark and damp and not as festive as we would have liked, by the end of our time off BDH and I were actually looking to DO STUFF. We were ready to get up off the sofa and do things. Work would not have been our first option, but whaddya gonna do.

It was a good morning’s work, and a quiet ride home as That Girl was apparently pooped right out from getting up and out after the holidays and then playing with the dogs, and decided to have a snooze.

All in all, it was an altogether pleasant first day back from vacation. If you have to go back to work after the holidays, there are worse ways to do it.

One thought on “Vacation Over and Out

  1. Sounds like a nearly ideal way to go back to work.

    Not having work, I didn’t. But, after being sick for a week and a half and sleeping most or all of every morning away during that time, I woke up at a reasonable 7:30 this morning without having set the alarm, and actually felt fairly decent. This was helped by the fact that I got my first uninterrupted night’s sleep since I’ve been sick. So, I got up and wrote my blog post as if it were a real job. It felt good.


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