Looking Forward

Not much to say right now — it is New Year’s Eve and I am heading to bed early with my trusty Advil for my sore back. We have been the walking wounded for a couple of days here with minor complaints and aches and pains, but we are hopeful that tomorrow brings the start of a year that will be better for our friends and family in so many ways.

It’s just another day, but we are pinning some hopes on it dawning with health, happiness, and dreams being realized for family, friends and ourselves throughout the 364 that follow.

Happy New Year, one and all.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Oh happy new year to you too! I also have back pain due to a compressed vertebra…I spent 10 days on intramuscular injections to keep the inflammation and pain at bay. I hope you are better now…I am just getting functioning due to physio.

    Happy New Year to you Cinn, Stinkerbelle and your BH! May this year be a very good year for all of your family!

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