Festiver Recap

Christmas, the “festiver” season as it is known around here, is done for another year. And this year, although it was a lovely day together, for various reasons we just never really got that “feeling” of Christmas.

The weather let us down. With rain and dark for the last month and a half, it was hard to get into the holiday spirit. And with only a very light dusting of snow on Christmas morning, the holiday didn’t have the usual magic it does some years.

We were not at our best this Xmas. I was tired from work and everyday life stuff. BDH was very busy with work and away with soccer a lot, so he was tired and stressed in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and then just plain tired out when the holiday rolled around. And Stinkerbelle, well… she was FOUR. So she’s been, on and off, absolutely frantic with excitement and/or a total pill.

But it was still a nice day. We opted to forgo a big Christmas turkey dinner this year. Mostly this was because we had lots of leftovers from Christmas Eve, plus snacks and cheese and nibbles to do us until, say, New Years. Plus, I had gotten all my gift-giving baking done the week before, and we had lots left over to enjoy. So we thought it would be more fun to relax and snack at our leisure and enjoy our gifts and holiday movies and each other instead. And really, with just the three of us, a huge meal on top of everything else is really not necessary. It was a nice break. (Plus BDH has been doing the lion’s share of the cooking all week so, you know, an even nicer break for me.)

Santa was very good to everyone this year. I was pleased because I got all my Christmas shopping done in loads of time, and got a ton of really good bargains, so our budget went a long way for Stinkerbelle and BDH this year. There were many gifts under the tree, as well as the odd cat, so That Girl was beside herself with the excitement that Santa had come and left so many goodies.

And now, the holiday is done, and things are back to normal. Stinkerbelle is SO VERY, VERY OVER being off for holidays and cannot stand being cooped up with us for ONE. MORE. SECOND. She is alternating between excited and full-on no-holds-barred Four Year Old Drama Llama mode, so keeping the peace and keeping everyone happy has been a full-time affair. Fortunately, we got 5-10 cm of snow last night, so we were able to get her out for an hour and a half of playtime in the snow today. That is, until I hurt my back, and she was soaked to the skin, and we had to come back inside. BDH is not very happy, probably quite tired, and needs some time off doing something just for himself, so new video games will be the order of the day for the rest of the holiday.

And me? I’m just feeling the back pain, not to mention the repercussions of several days of overindulgence, so I will try to keep things with That Girl as light as possible and keep her happy as much as mobility will allow. I’m tired and feeling blue, as well as feeling the usual tidal wave of busted hormones ready to rear up and hit me full in the feels. I think some exercise will do all of that and my ailing back some good, so maybe a walk or two in the woods might benefit all of us, if weather will allow. Plus, there is no holiday for the worker who is paid by the hour, so I am back to trying to wedge work time in around whatever is going on here at home, until holidays are over and our schedules are back to normal.

Some years, I am sad to see the end of Christmas. This year, I think we had high hopes for a good and restful holiday, and while it was nice to be together and we had a lovely day, it didn’t bring the effortless magic we had hoped for. We worked hard to make it a nice Christmas nonetheless, but now we are tired and the work is done and it is time for a rest.

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