Coffee and Cookies

It’s been hard, the last couple of days. The weather has been cold and rainy and dark, dark, dark. I have done little of consequence. I have tried to be festive, but mostly not. It’s like we’re having two Novembers and then skipping right on to January.

I’ve been trying to get my festive on for That Girl’s sake, and for all the things we had planned to get done for the holidays. Mostly we are getting things done, kind of. With a fair bit of FAIL thrown in.

I ran out of coffee this morning, and so when I went to the grocery store to get a few things I decided to pick up some more beans. I have been trying to buy fair trade coffees for the most part this year, sometimes from the local coffee roasters, but most often just settling for whatever I find in the grocery store. I try whatever is on sale because… I am cheap.

Today, though, I found the coffee that is MEANT FOR ME.


It reads:



Bold, sweet, courageous.

Not only is it named for me, but the description is pretty good too. Okay, so maybe


Extra large

Apathetic, vituperative, lazy

would be more accurate, but perhaps not be the best ad campaign for some coffee. But they got the Z-WRANGLER part bang-on.

I’ve also been trying to get my baking done. We give a lot of baking to people over the holidays, as little gifts and whatever, and this year along with the obligatory few traditional cookies I normally make, I thought I’d try a few new ones. One turned out, I think, SPECTACULARLY well. If nobody else likes it, I will surely eat the lot with no complaints. But another I tried was Candy Cane Shortbread, which I have been hearing everyone talk about for years as being OMG SO GOOD, but was, in fact, a fairly significant FAIL.

And so, not only do I find myself in the dark and damp, but with a container full of quite simply nasty cookies. Never fear, they shall not go to waste. In fact, they are almost gone. But they were pretty godawful. Shortbread and candy canes should not ever be combined. EVER. Bleurgh.

So I am drowning my sorrows in crappy cookies, but at least I can dunk them in what I hope will be good coffee.

8 thoughts on “Coffee and Cookies

  1. What a perfect coffee for you, as you ARE bold, sweet & courageous! Sorry about the cookie fail, I wouldn’t wish cookie fails on anyone (though I’ve had a few myself!). Looking forward to getting together with you all soon, perhaps over the holiday period???

  2. Love Kicking Horse Coffee – it’s from my neck of the woods so I feel some sort of tangential pride in it. Cliff Hanger is my favourite, in a mocha 🙂 I am also one of the crazy people who love the candy cane shortbread, hee.

    • I really enjoyed my first cup of Z-Wrangler this morning. I think I may buy more this week and stock up while it is on sale. I’ll look for Cliff Hanger too.

      CANDY CANE SHORTBREAD: how do you keep the candy cane from melting into lumps of tasteless sticky filling-remover goo? This might be my problem.

  3. I pulverize the candy can into dust (sugar crystal size) and dip the top of each cookie into it. It basically just becomes a very thin candy-cane coating. I also swap vanilla for peppermint extract in the batter, to give an extra minty taste.


      This is not what the recipes called for. But it seems like it would work much better than the melted bits of what-were-once-candy-canes-but-are-now-chewy-wads-of-coloured-sugar that pollute my delicate shortbread.

      I shall have to rethink this next year.

  4. Kicking Horse Tip Of The Day:
    You’ll find a somewhat limited selection in the main coffee isle of your grocery stores (such as Superstore or Zehrs, where it’s on sale this week); you’ll typically find a *much* better selection in the organics section of the store!

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