The Cake Is a Li(ar)

So, I said in my blogging group on Rav I was going to carry on with the whole “post every day” thing in December. And then I totally didn’t, and I took yesterday off.

It was a layover from my birthday — a birthWEEKEND, as it were. We are partial to celebrating not just a birthday but a birthday WEEK. Mostly, this is because we always have a metric tonne of cake. So I decided to put my feet up, keep the computer off, eat cake, and knit yesterday. And watch a the first of our many holiday season movies last night.


And I have to say, today I was kind of regretting it. First off, I was tired. Like, arse-draggingly tired this morning. I stayed up late the night before, listening to a Big Finish Audio — OMG EIGHT AUDIOS YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE — and then stayed up later than normal last night to watch a movie. So, it’s partly my own fault.

But I find that there’s something about not doing anything all day that leaves me tired as well. Not that I am complaining or would trade a day relaxing OH NO I WOULD NOT. But it does tire me out in much the same way sitting in an office chair all day at work tends to do.

The other issue with taking two days off for the birthday weekend is that it puts me behind when the time off is done. I realize all the things that I did not do that I will have to get done in the coming days. There are things I have promised people I would follow up on. There’s work, which fortunately had nothing new pop up, but still had a bunch of stuff in my inbox waiting to be finished. There are dishes and laundry and all the other things that got put aside around the house.

Add to that, Monday morning brings a coming week full of activities. For us, that means a field trip and a pajama party at school for Stinkerbelle, other activities to get her to when not in school, and bath and hair (a full afternoon’s doing). Plus I am at the office mid-week, get my hair done on Friday, and we’re off to a Christmas party to meet Santa on Saturday. Not to mention, BDH is out almost every night this week.

And, all of a sudden, there are Christmas to-dos that are appearing on the horizon, like baking and shopping and cards, which have to be scheduled in as well. And let’s not forget the everyday life stuff like cooking meals and getting dishes done and whatnot.

So when I went to bed last night, I could not fall asleep. I WONDER WHY. Although I can’t remember distinctly thinking about anything, or fretting about anything, I think that must have been it. Somewhere, my subconscious mind was whirring through the coming week’s schedule. And ever-so-slightly freaking the hell out.

Thus, at the crack of whatthefuckevertime this morning, when it was STILL DARK, I staggered bleary-eyed out of bed and started my day. And I have plodded and grumped my way through the rest of the day as well. Tired, while my natural state of being, does not look good on me, it must be said.

But what really adds insult to injury is that, despite being tired, I have to spend this evening catching up on some of the things I missed, and preparing for some of the things yet to come this week. And I’m too tired to make a dent in any of the things that I should be getting prepared for later this week.

So now, looking back at yesterday morning and my OH FUCK IT I AM GOING TO RELAX IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! attitude, I can now see that I had a bad case of PLANNING FAIL. My judgement was impaired. By frosting.

I can’t decide whether to blame it on too much birthday cake, or to just go downstairs and drown my sorrows in more.

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  1. I think drowning your sorrows in more is a great idea. Sugar gives you a short burst of energy. Do it often enough and it’ll carry you through your day! Trust me! *shifty look*

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