Saturday Smile: Geek Birthday

We forgo the usual pictures of That Girl today (sorry Grammy) to show you what my good husband woke up at 4:30 am to make for me:

They’re little Doctor Who 3D paper doll-thingies.

He printed them off, cut them out, and put them together so that, when I got up this morning after sleeping in, and he and That Girl were out procuring fancy coffee and a birthday cupcake cake for me, I would have a little fun something to enjoy.

It’s been a lovely day full of a meal out and my favourite breakfast and coffee and cake (and, yeah, getting the snow tires put on the cars), but this one little thing just goes to show how thoughtful the Big Damn Hero can be.

My inner geek loves that about him.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Geek Birthday

    • Thank you! I quite loved them. But now that I know I can get all the Doctors, many many baddies, and several versions of most of the companions… we’re going to need A LOT more photo paper.

  1. It’s awesome when they show us again just why we love them, isn’t it? My boyfriend got my kids up early on my birthday this year so that they could draw me birthday cards. These aren’t his kids. And they’re 11 and 13. But it was the first time anyone had ever done that for me, and it was awesome 🙂

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