Making The List

So, my kid is finally of an age that we can do Christmas things and talk about traditions and such, and she actually is GETTING it. She has a firm idea in her head about Santa and his sleigh and reindeer and presents.

OMG PRESENTS. She LOVES the idea of presents.

Now, she’s not one of those kids who expects every. single. thing. under the sun. She does not demand every single toy she sees. She knows that if she is a good girl, Santa may come with his sleigh and give her presents. No, what she’s all about is THE LIST.

She is ALL about the list.

And most of the time, toys don’t even enter into it. She finds random and sundry things out in the universe that she thinks she might like, and she’s all I HAVE TO ASK SANTA ABOUT THAT. It could be a toy, a book, food, a friend, clothes… she likes it, so it is GOING ON THE LIST.

So far, she’s come up with the following:

  • birthday cake
  • Winnie the Pooh jammies
  • a puppy
  • a blue bathrobe like Grammy has so she can be just like Grammy
  • slippers
  • the sun
  • clothes (my kid asked for clothes. I KNOW.)
  • any one of a number of books in her school library
  • her friend Fiona coming to her house for a play date
  • her friend Jamie coming to her house for a play date
  • pink socks
  • more slippers
  • soup
  • skates (or a skateboard or a scooter – in her mind, they’re all basically the same thing)
  • another scarf and mittens
  • an apple tree in the backyard
  • a sweater knit by Mommy
  • various and sundry large mammals (and the occasional large sea creature — recently, a walrus), and
  • a baby sister.

The only ones she’s been really consistent on are the bathrobe and the baby sister. (And honestly, I’d put both on my list too. I love a good bathrobe and a good baby.) The bathrobe we can do, but sadly, the baby sister is pretty much an impossibility.

So, the list we send to Santa is going to be something. I dunno what, exactly, but definitely SOMETHING. I hope Santa is understanding.

If we’re honest, when it comes to toys, Stinkerbelle doesn’t want for much. She has lots of toys and what she doesn’t have are the big ticket items that we can’t afford anyway. And she doesn’t ask for a lot. She has some things she loves, and loves to do, and we try to make sure Santa knows about them, and there are some things that would help developmentally that I am sure Santa will remember.

But the kid doesn’t ask for much. She’s happy with almost everything. So I am just letting her make her list with whatever comes to mind.

One of the things I AM hoping to do with the list is take some of the ideas — some of the more esoteric and non-Christmas gift-y ideas — and incorporate them into an advent calendar I am making (if I can get it done in short order — it’s going to be close to get it done for the first, but maybe shortly after). So, maybe I’ll make one day’s little prize to plan a play date with a friend. One prize can be to make soup together or a cake (or something similarly baking-ish). Maybe one can be to plant an apple seed together that she can water and watch grow. Maybe one prize can be to pick yarn out for a scarf and mittens (or probably a hat.) That kind of thing.

That Girl is pretty easygoing and giving by nature. She doesn’t want for much, and doesn’t ask for much. But at this time of year, when she does ask for things, it might be fun to incorporate them somehow.

Okay, the baby sister will still be a no-go. And I admit that, despite the best of intentions, there’s no way I’m going to get her a walrus. They are hell to gift wrap.

6 thoughts on “Making The List

  1. I’ll be honest. I’m right there with her on the walrus thing.

    No, really. I got the opportunity, a long time ago when I went to Sea World in San Diego, to sit and bond with a young walrus for a good half hour or so. One of the best half-hours of my entire life, so far. It was such a sweetie. Loved to have its whiskers scrateched. Ever since then, I’ve loved walruses (walrusii?).

  2. You two are not helping… ;-)…I mean…come on where does one even find a lolrus at this time of year. And you know darn well that If I get a lolrus I am going to have to get a bucket too. I mean really?? Man, now I am going to have to find a really large box…and a bucket.


    • But just think how cute he will be in our holiday photos, wearing a Santa hat at an ever-so-jaunty angle…

      Possibly there is such a thing as a miniature domestic house walrus?

  3. I will share the walrus with you, if it’s too much trouble to keep it full time. Perhaps she would accept Jamie Hyneman as a substitute? He is of the clan Walrus….

    • I would not be surprised if that isn’t where she got the idea from in the first place.

      And Jamie would not be so challenging to gift wrap. He likes it in there. It’s private.

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