Mindless Entertainment – A Total Cop Out Post

It has been a long day and I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF ANY USE TO POST.

So instead I bring you… MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT! Or not, if you are not as easily entertained as I am. And if you are not WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THIS STUFF IS GREAT. For at least, what, AN HOUR. Until you can’t get it out of your brain.


And without further ado:

– Best Public Service Announcement in the History of PSAs Anytime Anywhere Ever: Dumb Ways To Die

– Best Earworm, Mashup Edition: Psy and Hammer

– Best Use of Car As Musical Accompaniment: OK Go’s latest, Needing/Getting

– Best Christmas Ad, Obscure 80s Music Edition: Tesco’s Ad with Prince Charming

There. Go dance around for awhile. I’ll see you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Mindless Entertainment – A Total Cop Out Post

  1. Okay, I enjoyed these videos way too much. Especially the Hammer one. I knew people were talking about this Gagnam style thing but I had never heard it until now. Love it especially that MC Hammer was in it. Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go Hammer….Hammertime. Don’t get me started on the PSA one, I kept looking forward to seeing how they would put the next set of characters in the together dance scene. Too cute.

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