Where I Have Not Been

…is here.

It’s been another week of sick and lack of sleep at the House of Peevish. Stinkerbelle caught a cold toward the end of last week — well, it started as one of those “cough-until-you-throw-up-cough-all-night-long” things, but it seemed to pass quickly enough — which she then ever so generously passed on to me. MY KID KNOWS FROM SHARING. And then it hit me like a freight train and I’ve been congested and feeling lousy all week.

And we’re both pretty tired. So, lots of naps, lots of warm drinks, and lots of indoor quiet activities. This has been our world.

The Frankenstorm helped a lot. Lots of wind and rain meant we really had no choice but to stay in and warm and dry. And curling up in front of the fireplace or on the sofa, watching movies, playing memory games, and reading books was the way to go.

But That Very Social Girl was beginning to get restless by Tuesday.

Fortunately, other than feeling tired and a bit congested, she was well enough to be back at school that morning. She really needed it. REALLY NEEDED IT. And I needed the quiet to rest, since my cold was still in full force.

And then, suddenly, yesterday came. Halloween!

Normally, I try to live blog Halloween here at the House of Peevish, because our street here in Suburbiaville really does put on a great Halloween show. Houses are all done up, parents are dressed up and out with the kids, and it’s a very social thing. It’s one of the only times during the year where you really get the feeling of community.

Stinkerbelle was bursting with excitement. She was going to be A PRINCESS. Yes, all in capitals — A PRINCESS. She had a sparkly gown and a crown and a wand (why a wand? do princesses need wands nowadays? maybe it was supposed to be a scepter, but the package said WITH A WAND! so who am I to argue) and fancy shoes and she really did look beautiful.

And BDH was her knight in shining armor, a king. With a sword. And a dragon to protect the princess from. (Alright, the dragon was actually Dorothy, That Girl’s beloved toy. I think she’s actually not so much a dragon as an iguana. Close enough.)

So, off the Princess went with her knight and her Dorothy the draguana, and I stayed home to give out candy. And thus it was, wandering at long last back to the point, that I didn’t have the energy to live blog it. With a cold and at least 180 kids coming to the door between 6:15 and 7:45, I just didn’t have it in me. (Sorry to those of you who have few kids trick or treating and who look forward to the Parade o’ Halloween Costumes each year.)

Instead, I took cold meds and drank tea and put on a happy face and tried to greet kids cheerfully, despite my hoarse voice, while my faithful companion Duncan (okay, not so much “faithful companion” as “OMG I REALLY LOVES HALLOWEEN LOOKIT ALL THE KIDS COMING TO MY HOUSE!”) trotted to and fro as I distributed loot, and peered out the front window for more kids when none were present.

And then, after an hour and a bit of visiting every house in the neighbourhood, King and Princess came home. Where an exhausted Princess then wailed disconsolately that the event was, in fact, over… and that no more kids were coming. (Duncan, it must be said, was bummed out too.) And even more so that she had to take the dress off and become a mere mortal in pajamas once again, and head off to bed.

Today, we are back to our warm and quiet routine. The cold and excitement and remnants of a cold made for a very restless sleep for all concerned last night. Her teachers reported that Stinkerbelle was “quite emotional” in school this morning, which they put down to her probably being tired. IT’S LIKE THEY’VE DONE THIS BEFORE OR SOMETHING.

And me? I am remaining vertical and drinking tea and eating soup. But I am thinking a nap would not be a bad idea. Followed by some quiet activities with That Girl, like reading and crafty stuff with scissors and markers. Grand plans for roasting a chicken and some vegetables for dinner will have to wait. Instead, it will be something easy like soup or spaghetti.

My quilt is calling to me. I’ll see you tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Where I Have Not Been

  1. Should I tell Melissa that I already got a sneak preview of our princess? No? OK!
    I too am looking forward to seeing the princess with her king and dragon! The wand I think got in the wrong box and should have been with the fairy godmother’s costume.
    I have been told before that I am old fashion sooooo maybe it was the right box after all. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. We had zero kids, because we live in an apartment complex and apparently, people take their kids to the mall to trick or treat now instead of house to house. When did this start?

    • I don’t know. It seems such a weird trend to me. I mean, possibly there’s a safety issue, but really? It sounds to me like parents are just getting too lazy to a) walk with their kids as they trick or treat, and 2) walk out in the cold with their kids.

      I don’t think it’s a thing around here — at least, I hope not. And I hope it doesn’t catch on.

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