Friday Things To Do

Fridays are always kind of hit and miss around here. It’s the end of the week, so we’re kind of pooped out. But on the other hand, THE WEEKEND OMG. So we find our Fridays are either GO GO GO or quiet and relaxed.

Stinkerbelle’s in school in the morning, so I generally try to get a few things done in the morning. Errands, last minute groceries for the weekend, that sort of thing, and maybe catch up on phone calls or emails. That’s if there is no pressing work to get done, which is about half the time.

Fridays are also a good library time for Stinkerbelle. Because we have a library right in her little school, we sometimes will stop in at the library on the way out. She’s not yet terribly discerning when she chooses her books — sometimes she will know a section or a character she likes — but most often she just runs headlong at something colourful that catches her eye or some sort of picture on the cover that appeals. I try to just let her choose what she wants, because INDEPENDENCE and plus it’s her school so she has a regular routine of library visits, so it’s her thing to do. And so, it’s hit and miss. Sometimes it’s great, like last week’s Barefoot book and the odd Winnie-the-Pooh or whatever. Sometimes it’s terribly disappointing, with some judgey moral the writer clubs you over the head with, or something overtly religious. Today’s book at first glance looks like it may fall into the latter category — she was all OMG YAYAYAYAY PRINCESS! But it’s about a princess with a peanut allergy, so we’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully the princess ROCKS and there’s some cool action wherein we learn how to DEFEAT THE EVIL PEANUT ALLERGY.

Also, now that it’s fall, Friday afternoons can be good for getting out and walking in the woods. Bugs are gone, kids are in school, and it’s cool and quiet. Great times to explore and get some exercise and reconnect with nature a bit. Although, now that it’s fall, one is at the mercy of the weather — like today, where rain is forecast.

So, instead, we make our plans for indoor stuff. I have a pot of soup on the stove, simmering away. We’ll sometimes do some baking or I’ll cook while That Girl does worksheets on letters or matching. Or, like today, we’ll feed the birds and the squirrels and fight the endless battle to keep both happy and fed while keeping the squirrels OUT of the bird feeder.

Probably, there will be some quiet time.

Our weekends now have activities and birthday parties and Places To Go, so at the end of a school week, it’s nice to just putter around the house. But she IS four, and as such, there’s only so much quiet a kid can take. She doesn’t understand that, after a busy week, if she doesn’t spend a little down time now, she’ll be exhausted by dinner and then there will be tears and upset. So it’s a matter of finding quiet things to do, restful activities.

Sometimes I insist on quiet time reading in her room, where she usually crashes into a deep nap anyway. Or she camps out on the sofa under a blanket and watches one of her movies, if I am feeling generous, or one of my movies if I am not, which will quickly bore her to sleep.

Fridays are good. The neighbourhood is still quiet as people are at work and school. The rush of the weekend has not yet begun. I know that soon enough, Stinkerbelle will come to appreciate Fridays as we do. But right now, I am enjoying them enough for the both of us.