Birthday Dance Party

Today is BDH’s birthday. So, OBVIOUSLY, it’s a dance party day here at The House of Peevish.

We started with one befitting the day:

Then moved on to one of Stinkerbelle’s recent favourites, that she can move and groove to all day. Which she did, playing it about four times in a row.

Then we have to have one to get us all dancing (and if I am honest, one of Mom’s favourites too):

And then one because it’s just so silly. And because That Girl and I love to sing it in the car.

And finally, this. Because we’re going off the rails on a crazy train, Sir.

Happy birthday to our Big Damn Hero! Lunch, or even dinner. Saturday. Beef vindaloo. Magical ice cream for That Girl. It’s a date!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Dance Party

  1. OK. Not my usual Happy Birthday song but what ever turns you on.
    Happy Birthday to my baby although I can’t hold him on my knee anymore.
    Love you.

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