Appreciating the Season

I have had little of consequence to write, recently. It’s not that nothing has been happening. On the contrary, with October almost halfway over, we’re in the full swing of activities and general busyness.

Days tick over one after another. We have activities and school to get to. BDH has work and soccer. I am working, a lot of hours of late, and exercising some but not as much as I probably should, and doing the SAHM things around the house. And getting cold after cold after cold from the Peewee Petri Dish and whining and complaining like a giant bunch of pansies.

It’s just business as usual here at The House of Peevish.

But you know what I find this year, in particular? I am LOVING the autumn weather. It’s probably because it was such a ridiculously hot, dry, uncomfortable summer, but the fact that the temperatures are falling and the air is cool and fresh has been wonderful.

I looked out yesterday and noticed that the spindly tree in our boulevard has erupted in a blaze of fall colour. It’s the most beautiful on the street by far. Normally it is the tree that turns brown and then drops all its leaves when you look at it sideways. But no! So pretty.

Last week, I was enchanted by the beautiful fall colours on the drive to work. I admired the reds and golds of the trees. I enjoyed the pumpkins out to decorate people’s porches and yards. Seeing all the animals out in their fields, on farm after farm, in the sunshine… it was lovely. And even today, despite the rain on the drive to work, I wished I could just stop time and enjoy how pretty everything is.

But also? (And I admit this freely, for it is who I am.) The cooler air has made me feel distinctly like hibernating. Suddenly I am doing more knitting, and curling up in a comfy chair and watching lots of television.


(And — as long as we are being COMPLETELY HONEST HERE, because you and I are SO CLOSE and I KNOW YOU WILL NOT MOCK ME — I’m kind of excited to start with the Christmas stuff soon. I KNOW WHAT IS THIS CRAZY TALK BUT IT’S TRUE.)

So it’s been nice, these past few weeks, despite endless colds — let us just be honest and admit that we’re going to have a cold until, what, April? and just MOVE ON — to be feeling like I want to live in the moment and enjoy… all the things. The weather. The scenery. The colours. The country markets and farm produce. The comfort-food recipes. Even the lazy, hibernating, messy house things.

It’s my favourite season. It’s fall. ENJOY ALL THE THINGS.

3 thoughts on “Appreciating the Season

  1. Dude. You have to at least let us get past Halloween before you start talking about – gulp – the Christmas stuff.

    • INORITE? It used to be the rule was no Xmas stuff before Dec 2. But now That Girl has kind of thrown that rule out the window. But I am holding firm and not doing anything Xmas until after Halloween. Okay, maybe I bought some gift tags. And I have done some shopping for presents already. And I kind of looked longingly at a couple of movies OMG I AM TURNING INTO THAT WOMAN AREN’T I.

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