A Day of Days

This time of year is full of fun for us. Well, possibly not always fun, but we definitely have a lot on the go in September.

Because of luck and calendars, we have lots to think about and celebrate in September, and most specifically this week.

Today is Stinkerbelle’s first day of junior Kindergarten, so that has required a little patience and preparation. She’s been waiting to get back to school since… well, probably since the day after school finished in June, honestly. She’s absolutely BORED without other kids to play with, so as you can imagine she’s reached her limit of Mom and Dad and was thrilled to finally be back in school this morning.

It was a day fraught with emotion. The Drama Llama is definitely in residence this week. First there were tears because she could not put on her fancy first-day-of-school dress this morning until it was time to get ready for school, so there was much wailing and tears as she had to watch Sesame Street… ::gasp of horror!::… In her PAJAMAS. There were tears when school was over. There were tears when she realised that her best friend Libby and her boyfriend Peyton would not be attending this school this year. There were tears when she realized she could not wear her fancy dress to play after school. There were tears when she found out that Daddy had to go into work this afternoon after spending the morning working from home so he could take her to her first day of school.

She’s wound up like a clock with the excitement of everything. It’s an emotional time. OBVIOUSLY.

But today is also Enkutatash, Ethiopian New Year, which means we’ll be making doro wat for supper. So there will be cooking this afternoon, which, because I am very tired, one must hope will not be an abject failure because I fell asleep over the food preparation. But I would not bet against it. Anything could happen.

And then tomorrow, we also have reason to celebrate. Tomorrow marks our fourth anniversary of the day we met our Stinkerbelle. Four years ago in Ethiopia, this beautiful tiny babe was placed in my arms and my life since then has been FULL. OF. WIN. That day was the day we won life’s lottery, and not a day goes by that we are not reminded of that. Tomorrow just provides us an official date to celebrate it, is all.

But we will also do that tonight. A big meal of doro wat, plus cupcakes to make it a party, and we will celebrate three days in one. I am sure there will also be candles blown out because, although not a birthday, in That Girl’s mind, there’s no point in celebrating anything without cupcakes and candle-blowing-out-ness. And so we shall.

I love September, I really do. Beside the first day of school/Enkutatash/Peevish Family Day trifecta of awesome, we also have family birthdays, and our wedding anniversary, and the start of various activities to enjoy. The heat of summer breaks, the nights become cool, and we feel rejuvenated and alive again after a stagnant summer. I cook and bake and do house things. September is one of the best months of the year for us.

I shall raise a cupcake in September’s honour this evening. Okay, maybe two. Possibly three, because they’re those really tiny mini cupcakes.

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  1. Happy Family Day and Happy New Year (a bit late I know)! Sounds like you are all busy and well! How have 4 years gone by so quickly?

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