Winding Down, Gearing Up

The summer is gradually winding down. Although the weather here doesn’t seem to know it, August is nearly done and fall is right around the corner. And with that, we’re gearing up for the start of school and activities and all that fall brings.

We’re welcoming the fall, honestly. It’s been such a hot summer, and really humid, and the change in seasons will be good. As part of the end-of-summer ritual, we took down our pool last weekend. Honestly, it could have been up for a while longer — with this week being 30 degrees plus humidity, it certainly would have been nice. But while we were away, it was so dry and dusty that a layer of fine sand or something of the sort ended up on the bottom of the pool, and no amount of cleaning or filtering would have gotten rid of it. (BDH toyed with the idea of running the pool water through a ShopVac, but fortunately realized the potential for electrocution and shelved the idea fairly quickly.) So we emptied it, and scrubbed it inside and out, and the sad empty shell is currently draped across everything in the garage, drying and awaiting folding and storage for the winter.

We attended a somewhat depressing meeting with Stinkerbelle’s developmental agency to find out what level she’s currently at (significantly low) and to discuss the progress she’s been making (very good) in preparation for the coming school year. BDH was enlightened, I was in tears, and we made plans for still more service in the years to come.

In the heat and humidity, we also decided to spend a couple of days in the basement where it was nice and cool, sorting and throwing out and storing and generally trying to make it a more liveable space. It was a good exercise and BDH will be taking a garage full of stuff to the dump in coming weeks. And as we get the basement in shape, it makes us think that perhaps in the next few years, we might be able to work on finishing it. But how remains the question because, aside from the expense we cannot afford, it’s also where the cats reign supreme and between their litter boxes and all our exercise equipment, we’re not entirely sure what we’d do with the space.

The end of August also means school is around the corner, for which Stinkerbelle is very, very excited. JK will be that much more stimulating and exciting for her, and seeing her friends will also be a big bonus. A few will be coming back from last year’s class, so that will be nice, but she also seems to be excited to meet new friends and her new teacher. And as she was enrolled last year, we have the benefit of early enrollment going forward, so there is no rushing around to get paperwork done as we had to last year. Now all that remains is to pay our fees, and get our “first day of school outfit” ready to go.

On the days off from school, I have registered her for swimming lessons (not negotiable, but fortunately That Girl LOVES swimming) and dancing class. Beyond that, we’re not sure. I don’t want to over-program her, but her only day off right now is Friday and there are not a lot of programs on a Friday. I am thinking of trying a membership at the local Y this fall. On the one hand, it is quite expensive, but if we find we can fit it into our budget, it has lots to offer for me for fitness and social options, and she can maybe go for another swim class on a Friday or spend some time playing with kids in the gym.

And the best part of all? Is that it’s getting cooler, so it soon will not be too oppressive to cook and bake. I am looking forward to the variety in our meals again.

But today, our first day of rain in about two weeks, we’re taking it easy, watching Mary Poppins while That Girl has quiet time on the couch and I do a bit of actual paying work. We did some cleaning and baking and exercise this morning, and now it’s time to enjoy a little leisure time. Summer’s not over yet. We’re still on holiday for a little while yet.