So, That’s New

Today at work, I watched a groundhog trying to break into a tent.

The windows of our building look out into someone’s backyard. Both the yard and the building I work in back onto a large fairground, which then butts up against farmland. The backyard itself is quite big, bigger than most in the neighbourhood. They have lots of play stuff for kids, and a big soft-side pool, and there’s a tent, probably so the kids can sleep out and pretend they’re camping.

And today, as my boss and I were talking, out of the corner of my eye there was some movement. And there was the groundhog, trying to figure out this… THING… in his yard.  First off, he tried to get up in and under the rain-flappy-things that extend out and down from the sides of the tent.

Under them was… nothing interesting. More tent, really. And on top of them was, quite honestly, more gravity-defying than your average groundhog is accustomed to.

So that didn’t work.

Under the tent seemed like a good idea, except the tent looked to be pegged down pretty tightly, apparently. And, probably, he’d already been there, done that.

Inside the tent — well, have you seen a groundhog try to work a zipper? Yeah. Not possible. DAMN YOU, LACK OF OPPOSABLE THUMBS!! And even if he had figured it out, I think the little raised flap-bit at the front of the tent would have completely confounded him. WHAT DO YOU MEAN CLIMB I DONT THINK SO.

So, eventually, our Portly Protagonist had to admit defeat, and toddled off to eat some leaves. Where, last I saw him, he was contentedly faffing about with a large leaf hanging out of the side of his face at a jaunty, devil-may-care angle.

So, that was new. And, you’ll have to admit, far more pastoral and Animal Planet than the day a squirrel fell through a hole in the roof and wandered around the shop and then the office for awhile.

How was your day?