Back to Reality

We’re back from our vacation. It was nice.

I hate when vacation is done in a lot of ways. Most specifically, the NO MORE LEISURE TIME part. And the WHAT DO YOU MEAN, RESPONSIBILITY? part. Also the BUT I STILL WANT TO SLEEP IN AND READ BOOKS AND KNIT part.

But there are good things about the end of vacation, too. No matter where you go or what you do or how wonderful your holiday is, there’s something nice about having your own stuff in the places you expect it to be whenever you want it. Familiar is nice. And, as I have mentioned fairly regularly, there is something comforting about getting back into a normal routine, too.

Anyway, since we’ve been off the air for a couple weeks, I am sure an update is in order. But everything that happened on our vacation? Is too much. I sum up:

  • It was a relaxing, comfortable holiday full of good company, good fun, and good food. Just what we needed. Grammy and Grandad’s hospitality was lovely and generous, as always, and greatly appreciated.
  • I was going to post during the holidays. I started by live-blogging our drive out on the first day. But I couldn’t quite get the technology to work as easily as I wanted while we were driving along, so I just said fuck it. And then I found it was nice to take a break from Teh Interwebs for awhile. So I did.
  • That Girl travels like a champ. Seriously. No fussing, no bad temper, just lots of questions and a few naps and tons of singing and laughing and colouring.
  • Normally we are in Nova Scotia for their annual Cold And Rain And Mosquitoes Festival. But not this year. We had sun and heat and humidity and, consequently, spent almost every day in the pool.
  • I have a tan. See point 4 above.
  • Stinkerbelle was so very happy to be with Grammy and Grandad every day, and to visit with her family. It’s been so hard to live at a distance, because not only do we miss our family, but Stinkerbelle just blossoms with them around. She always has someone to snuggle with, someone to play with, and someone to love her unconditionally.
  • Family is also good for perspective. All these things that all these specialists have been telling us are wrong with our kid are so much easier to cope with, or are simply not the big problems we’ve been told they are, when there are family around to help and provide perspective.
  • Stinkerbelle got to wiggle her toes in the sand, which is something I wanted to do this trip. I was hoping for putting her toes in the ocean, but we didn’t have the time this time around. Besides, who needs the ocean when you have a lovely warm pool to splash in?
  • Apparently, there is nothing That Girl cannot say that won’t crack Grandad right up at the dinner table.
  • I grew tired of the Olympics really, really quickly.
  • I remembered what it’s like to read a book. So what if it’s on an eReader. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME.
  • I found a house or three I want to buy. Now we just need to win a lottery.
  • Four year olds will repeat anything. Although when Stinkerbelle told me to “Hose down!” when she meant to use the “pipe down!” we’d been saying for days, it cracked my shit right up.
  • Four year olds will also repeat anything they think will get a laugh. Which gets old really quickly, although not for THEM. Clearly.
  • Somebody who shall remain nameless and is fully potty trained and under the age of five had a day wherein she pooped on the pool deck not once, but twice. The way we figure it, either she drank so much pool water that her system just couldn’t cope, or she gave herself a pool water enema by jumping into the pool almost continually for an afternoon. Not our finest hour, it must be said.
  • I was not a completely inert blob with knitting in her hands. One day? I swam 100 lengths of the pool. Worship me.
  • I may have travelled to NS, but I left my lower intestines in ON. They did, however, arrive via FedEx on the day before we travelled home again. So that was nice.
  • The weather back here at home must have consisted of two weeks of dust storms. This is all I can figure, because we have come back to find a layer of fine sand or something on the bottom of our pool. The water is basically clean, but there’s this layer of brownish grit making it look pretty rank indeed. And I don’t know if our tiny little filter can handle it, so we’ll try cleaning it and dealing with it this week but it may be that we have to just cut bait and dump the pool out for the season.
  • There appears to be a stalk of corn growing in the dirt around our pool. Which is odd but good, because the vegetable garden itself is completely trashed by drought and weeds and then torrential downpours for the couple of days we’ve been back. So at least something of a vegetable nature has managed to grow for us this summer.
  • Ontario drivers are frustrating on so many levels, not least of which is the fact that they refuse to follow the law KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS.

So there you go, a summary of What I Did On My Summer Vacation. I KNOW IT’S LIKE YOU WERE RIGHT THERE.

5 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Reading this post It WAS like I was right there with you….Oh right, I was. Miss you guys so much already. It was a lovely visit. Glad you had a nice time and buy the way, I really did not see what all the ‘specialists’ are talking about as far as Stinkerbelle’s development. Having had two of my own, I really did not see any issues. She is bright, happy, funny, and smart as a whip. Go figure. She is amazing and can’t wait for our next visit. If I can get Skype back up and working, we can visit more often. Love you all.

  2. This household of two was Topsy turby for two weeks and things were hopping for a while but when you left it kind of went like a broken balloon We missed the ‘Good morning Grammy and good morning Grandad’ and the smile that went from one side of her face to the other. What a good natured girl she is.

    I echo Sherri’s words about her development . I did not see anything serious to worry about. Children develope at different times and should not be compared to others unless there is a big gap. I didn’t see it!
    Yes, Grandad is quick to see the funny side of a situation and she got him going when he probably should have remained quiet, but she can be very funny. Her belly laugh would get anyone going just listening to her.
    Speaking about four years old repeating everything, you forgot to mention the day we played with the wooden blocks and we were spelling our
    names and the girl spelled ‘CRAP’ quite confidently. I think she might have heard it before. It cracked me up.
    Miss you already. Love you all.

  3. Welcome back! Just hosing in to say that thing about Ontario drivers….
    While driving to Niagara Falls from Toronto, I had told my Italian husband that Ontario drivers are the best….until we hit the highway and met all those drivers who stayed in the passing lane and REFUSED TO BUDGE…..

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