I Was Gonna

I was going to write up a big ol’ post. Something about fireworks. Canada Day. Bugs with kamikaze issues. But I’m tired, and it’s humid, and we’re waiting on thunderstorms.

And then all of a sudden… it’s just a Craig Ferguson Dance Party all up in here!

And of course…

(okay, so that last one was a little geektacular.)

So, yeah, I was gonna WRITE ALL THE THINGS. Really, I was. But that’s all going to have to wait.


5 thoughts on “I Was Gonna

  1. Am I right in assuming that our little girl will be singing some of those when she comes to visit? I really liked the first one.
    Our July 1st was spent very quietly at home. Watched the fireworks from the back deck along with the mosquitoes. We have since put up the gazebo.

  2. I think I was most amused by the counting in Spanish at the beginning of the Paris bit. Also I think he might be doing Mr Roboto at some point.

  3. I am sure that I will be hearing that one very soon. After watching it again I do remember her singing that to me on the phone. Yea, we will party.

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