FAIL Friday

Some episodes of FAIL from our week here Chez Peevish:

  • Epic Adoptive Parent FAIL: So, Stinkerbelle has been home for almost 4 years. It will be 4 years in September. And I am ashamed to admit that it was only this week that her procrastinating parents finally, FINALLY, sent in her application for citizenship. Now, to be fair, in Ontario you can’t do a name change until a year after the child has been home, and we wanted to make sure her name was changed before we did the citizenship thing. But STILL. That’s STILL, what, TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS of putting it off. What can I say? We were busy. Ish.
  • Wildlife Stealth FAIL: We live beside a conservation area. And it’s no secret that I love the wildlife. I do. I love ’em all. I feed them and I watch them and I don’t take too much offense when they root in my gardens and leave doots in the lawn. BUT. Now, we had heard from the owners of a wild bird feed/accessories store that used to live on our street that the local yokels can be pretty… ENTITLED… when it comes to the humans in their lives putting out food for them. They told us that a couple of times, raccoons have come and tried to steal their bird feeders. They’re thinking “OHAI HERE’S SUM TASTY FOODS I WILL JUST TAKE THIS HOME AND HAS MAGICAL FOODS ALL THE TIEM KTHXBAI”. I didn’t really believe them, of course. Until this morning when ONE OF OUR BIRD FEEDERS WAS OFF ITS HOOK AND HAD BEEN DRAGGED ACROSS THE LAWN. You will note, of the two feeders — one with hummingbird nectar, and one with seed and sunflower seeds and whatnot — it was NOT the hummingbird feeder. ::shifty eyes::
  • ParticipAction FAIL: I have been trying to exercise this summer. As I have been all year. I get up in the morning, the majority of mornings in a week, and I do at least half an hour of something. It depends. Only now, since it is lovely and warm and spring, I’ve been getting out and walking in the early morning. I decided to change up my routine a) to keep things interesting, 2) to get out and get some fresh air, and c) to give my knees a break from the repetitive strain of the bike and the elliptical. Now, I hate getting up at the best of times, and especially getting up early, but I need more time to walk so I have to get up even earlier than my usual 6 am in order to get back and showered and ready for the Awakening Of That Girl. So off I trudge, around 5:40 or 5:45, when it’s quiet and still and there’s only other Dawn Treaders like myself out and about. It’s nice. I do 4-6 km each morning, listening to podcasts. And then, after about two weeks… OMGWTF KNEE PAIN YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS YOU BASTARD. So this morning? FUCK YOU FITNESS, I AM SLEEPING IN.
  • Technology FAIL, #1: So, lo unto these many years ago, when I was laid off from the tech hellhole that was my job, I purchased a high-end big-ass laptop with the spoils of what it took for such an incompetent group of people to lay off one of their best workers. And that laptop has served me well, although increasingly slowly, over the last few years. It desperately needed some TLC but we never got around to it. And it was getting old, and persnickety, and slow. But it was working very well for an old girl. (Much like me.) Until sometime on the weekend, when I turned it on and… it didn’t. Or, rather, it DID, but I couldn’t SEE what was going on. The video card seemed to have given up the ghost. Not surprisingly, because it was getting old, but surprisingly in that it was not something more serious. At any rate, I could not use it. My data was fine, but as the old girl is currently in pieces on and under BDH’s desk, I can’t GET to any of it. Which has made working, and accessing music and podcasts and documents, and recalling passwords, a bit of a challenge this week. But thanks to BDH’s technological wizardry, I now have The Ghost of Fred (our old server) — now christened Mrs. Badcrumble — as my new, clean, quick and powerful computer, currently roaring under my desk and throwing off enough heat to warm a city block. I like it. But I miss my old girl. I hope — alas, I’m sad to admit, probably in vain — that she is back soon-ish. Like, say, before we have to go on vacation. Because Mrs. Badcrumble, while zippy and powerful, is most definitely a homebody.
  • Technology FAIL the Second: Sometime last night, while BDH was sleeping, someone in Mississauga went shopping and bought $350 worth of groceries and a tank of gas. On BDH’s credit card. Yep, his card was compromised sometime this week. Either technologically or through an unscrupulous employee, at one of the stores he has used his card at, his credit card information was obtained, and some arsehole made a fake card containing his information and used it. Now, fortunately, BDH checks the banking every morning, so it was a limited amount of damage. And, equally fortunately, one of the main reasons we use our credit card is because they are so good about insuring against exactly this sort of thing. So, within about 15 minutes this morning, the fraud was discovered, reported, and sorted. But we still have the aftermath, which is monitoring the account to make sure they aren’t able to push through any more purchases, and going through all our vendors to whom automatic payments are made using a credit card. It’s aggravating, and infuriating, and leaves one feeling a little violated. But it could have been so much worse. And for that, we’re glad. Just one of the dangers of the technological age, I guess.
  • Immunity FAIL: We woke up this morning to find Stinkerbelle with her 3,879th cold of the year. Not much of a surprise given her nose was running last night. But still.  And so, we find ourselves with a kid with a nose running like a faucet, and lots to do today and this weekend. We have to get our cars serviced tomorrow. We need to get groceries. There’s also dance class. We had plans to go to Donkey Day at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. So, it seems we will have to adjust our plans or, at the very least, go everywhere with an ample supply of kleenex. Again. And resign ourselves to the fact that we will likely also be sneezing and blowing our noses in short order.

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  1. I would like to know the story behind Mrs Badcrumble’s name, please and thank you.

    Also WTF KNEE PAIN is right. GAH. Is there anything worse than having your own body undermine your (feeble, in my case) efforts to stay in shape? I think not. BOO, JOINTS. (also boo, tendons. Still bitter about that one.)

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