Welcome Back, Spring

Spring has indeed sprung here in Suburbiaville. With sunny weather in the high 20s for the last week at least, we’ve been enjoying being outside and going places and doing things. This past winter was The Winter That Wasn’t, but it was still enough that we got stuck inside a fair bit. So we are more than happy to be outside once again.

I think we might have even walked to and from school last week. THAT’S how nice it has been.

Stinkerbelle has been hit with her first case of spring fever. She’s been all about three things lately:

  1. 1. Swimming. Specifically, in her backyard pool, as you saw in the weekend’s photos.
  2. 2. Digging in the garden. Following the age-old rule “no planting until after May Two-Four”, we spent the time prior to the long weekend weeding and tidying up and getting out vegetable garden topped up with one of those giant bricks of soil from the garden centre. She mostly rode to and from the bag to the garden in the wheelbarrow, but she had been digging whenever the dirt and opportunity presents itself.
  3. 3. Setting her piggies free. BARE FEET FTW!

So that’s been fun.

We started our veggie garden, and have been planning and planting bit by bit. We are fighting a losing battle against the weeds in our gardens but we battle on. Mulch has helped in the flower gardens, but in the veggie garden there’s not much else to do but muck in, dig, and pull.

Lots of hard work, sore muscles, and sun has made for a tired House of Peevish. But having the pool on the go now has been really nice, and so I think summer will be fun and we’ll take more time to relax and enjoy it. Best $100 we ever spent, or so BDH said after we got it up and running and spent some time cooling off in it after a long hot day in the yard. So what if it’s only two and a half feet deep? It’s enough for Stinkerbelle to swim in, for us to just sit and cool off. That’s all we need for now.

Meanwhile, I sit under the umbrella with iced coffee and knitting and watch the odd hummingbird — YAY THEY FOUND IT! — come and have a little drink at the feeder. I’ll get in the pool, eventually. I’m hating this whole “must wear sunscreen” business, as someone who grew up with a pool in the yard and spent her days as a kid in the sunshine swimming from dusk till dawn. I know I have to protect my skin, and yet? Can’t be arsed to get all slathered in the stuff. So instead I opt for shade. For now. Eventually I’ll have to suck it up and get my SPF on.

Last night, BDH and I also got the opportunity to go out to dinner and the theatre, courtesy of a friend. He treated us to tickets to a dinner and a night of live theatre, and we enjoyed being out on a warm spring evening, walking to and from the theatre and being grown-up, non-parental units for a few hours. We might never have gone if it was cold and wintery, but now that warm spring weather is here, it was lovely to be out.

The downside is that I am OMG SO TIRED after a short night’s sleep, and consequently pleading PLEASE JUST BE QUIET AND WATCH THIS MOVIE FOR THE LOVE OF DOG with Stinkerbelle because I am just too tired to get out and faff about outside with her. All I want to do is sit in the window enjoying the nice spring breeze. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the garden and pool and whathaveyou.

Months of spring and summer still stretch out before us. Right now, it’s magical. Talk to me in the oppressive humidity of a Southern Ontario summer, and my tune may have changed. But for today, life is pretty good.

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  1. yay for the hummers! love those little guys. We had summer here for a couple of days but seem to have misplaced it temporarily – 5 degrees and drizzle at the moment.

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