FAIL Friday

It’s Friday. My week is full of FAIL. What else is new.

  • Posting FAIL — I haven’t posted all week. This is unusual, since I generally try to post at least two or three times a week. It’s unusual enough that even my MIL emailed me in case I might be dead. But honestly? I’ve really had nothing much to say. It’s just… been a WEEK, really. A week full of everyday things.
  • Culture FAIL — I am currently boring my daughter to sleep with Shakespeare. Only the greatest filmed Shakespearean production ever, Branagh’s “Much Ado About Nothing” (Well, okay, the SECOND-BEST. Ain’t nobody ever going to convince me that Branagh’s “Henry V” isn’t the most brilliant film version of Shakespeare in history, but let’s be honest — it’s a little heavy for a four-year-old.) Anyway, “Much Ado” is gentle and sumptuous and friendly and I let Stinkerbelle be lulled to sleep by the gorgeous wordplay and Emma Thompson’s dulcet tones. So, she’s lying on the sofa, snoring and farting, while I get a little me time to post and work and faff about on the interwebs, not to mention some time to watch something I really love. Not exactly the appreciation of Shakespeare I was hoping to nurture in my kid, but… I needed the down time and she was tired (because of a disturbed sleep last night, as you shall soon see) and this way, we both get what we want.
  • Parental FAIL #1 — Stinkerbelle has been potty trained for about a year now. She went from diaper to panties in a week, and has had a very few accidents since then. She handles the whole pottying deal mostly by herself these days. So, it has been a busy and tiring couple of weeks  for all of us, and as you saw by Saturday’s photo, sometimes in a tired evening we just crash in front of an episode of gentle educational television (thank you, TVO and UK’s 4OD). And on one of those evenings last week, we put Stinkerbelle to bed and shortly thereafter crashed ourselves, only to be awakened by an upset little girl at 3 am. She was exhausted and complaining about her tummy being itchy. We put some cream on her belly and went back to bed, only to have her continued fussing rouse us half an hour later. She was crying and saying her belly hurt. So we tried to comfort her and settle her, as her crying and pain got more intense. Until around 4:15, when she said “PEE IS COMING!” At which point, she PEED ALL OVER ME. And then felt MUCH BETTER and once cleaned up, went happily back to bed. Such was her first time trying to make sense of the pain and discomfort of a REALLY FULL BLADDER. We realized, as I showered at 4:30 am to get all the pee off me, that we’d forgotten to get her to go pee before bed. WHOOPS.
  • Parental Fail #2 — So, fast forward to last night, when, at 3:15 am Daddy was awakened by a little voice letting him know that she’d had an accident in bed. And as we changed the bedding in the dead of night, we realized AGAIN that in our stumbling tired of yesterday evening, we’d neglected the Stinkerbelle pee-before-bed ritual AGAIN. Poor kid — her parents really have to step it up. She can’t be expected to remember EVERYTHING.
  • Foresight FAIL — For Mother’s Day, BDH asked me what I wanted. This was sometime during the week prior. Now, I really had no idea. Yarn is always the obvious choice, but since I either buy it at factory/tent sales or online, it’s not something readily shopped for and wrapped. And it takes a few weeks for delivery. So that wasn’t an option. The morning before he asked me this question, however, I had looked out our patio door to see a hummingbird checking out Stinkerbelle’s bright red bicycle on the patio. I had only ever seen one other hummingbird here in ten years. But he asked what I wanted and I said “a hummingbird feeder”. Easy, cheap-ish, and cheerful, right? It was an idea, anyway. So, off he and Stinkerbelle went one morning on their shopping trip, and they came home with not only a hummingbird feeder but a seed bird feeder too, and two clamps to hang them from our fence if I wanted. Which I did, because I like to look out the window and watch the wildlife. So come Mother’s Day, and BDH and I go out into the yard and hang the hummingbird feeder in front of the patio door where I had seen the hummingbird, and the seed feeder on the fence opposite. And over the next couple of days, while no hummingbirds appeared, I watched the birds come and eat seed. And this was when I realized we hung the feeder in an idea spot for the birds to drop and fling seed about — and likely landing directly in the pool we’ll be setting up this weekend.