Saturday Smile: Neighbours

So, yesterday, these two:

took a walk in the woods with Dad, where they met up with this guy:

having a drink in the stream beside the path. We watched him and he watched us, from a respectful distance, and then we both went our separate ways.

Sometimes it’s nice to meet up with our neighbours in the woods. But as Chris and Martin always say when That Girl watches “Zoboomafoo”, the only place you should approach a creature neighbour is in Animal Junction.

(Also? We have video, so maybe if we ever figure out how to get it off BDH’s iPhone, I can post that too. Including “The Porcupine Song”, a world-exclusive music video from you-know-who.)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Neighbours

  1. It looks like a perfect day.
    We had our crew last night for Easter dinner and had to move the time up because we were to get a snow storm. All went well and everyone got home before the storm. We missed you guys and send Happy Easter greeting to you. A special kiss and hug for you know who.

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