The First Day of Spring

It has been a rite here at the House of Peevish, on the first day of spring, to throw open the windows and play this song as loud as can be, and just soak in the warmth and the sunshine and the lush gorgeousness of the song. We’ve done it… well, ever since the song came out. And today is no exception.

It’s the first day of spring, people. Go throw on some summer clothes. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “The First Day of Spring

  1. It’s been sleeting here today! In Victoria!

    Trees have fallen down and the flowers are sad. Hopefully spring starts tomorrow.

  2. Ok…HUGE fan of the song. Love it. Just sit back and soak it up when it is on. Cinn back me up on this. You know how much I love this song. BUT DAMN…we could have done a WAY better video. Not a fan. /end rant

  3. @BDH — Yes, the video is crap. I think we could have done better with a handheld digital camera and some nice weather. Some nature. A cat or two. But what can you expect from a local band with no budget?

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