February Project Update

Well, it’s that time again… time for most of you to click away to a more interesting site while I talk about MY KNITTING PROJECTS!!

(Don’t everyone rush out of here at once.)

February is done and dusted, and I didn’t get as much done, knitting-wise, as I would have liked. I did, however, spend a lot of time and effort getting my stash organized, which has been needed for a long time. So that was good.

So, first off, for my 12 hats in 2012 challenge… I didn’t do anything. Well, that’s not true. My organization of stash was specifically for that project, so I would know what I had to work with. AND it helped me plan for a big sale last week where I bought a bunch more yarn, for pennies, specifically for my hats. So, more to come in March!

(Okay, true confession time: I have been working on a hat, every weekend during Stinkerbelle’s dance class. And the thing is? I’ve started this hat FIVE TIMES NOW. And also frogged it FIVE TIMES. Twice, I miscounted and cast on the wrong number of stitches, and it took me a couple rows to realize it. Twice, as I am knitting in the round, I twisted my stitches. And once, I got most of the way finished when I realized that I didn’t have enough of that yarn to get ALL THE WAY finished, so I frogged it and decided to make some contrasting stripes in the hat instead. THIS YARN IS CURSED, I TELL YOU WHAT.)

ANYWAY… Moving on.

For my first 12 in 2012 challenge, I made the first five 9×9 squares (of maybe 25 or 30) for BDH’s Big Blanket:

What is wrong with the colour in those pictures? It’s all different. TRUST ME THE YARN IS THE SAME. I blame the photographer.

In my second 12-in-12, I did all the February days in my Weather Wrap blanket project. Which is going to look much the same as it did in January because DUDE. WINTER. THE WEATHER’S THE SAME AS JANUARY.

Oh well. Here you go — February:

I am learning a lot from this first kick at the can. First, I will choose a different stitch pattern if I do it again next year. I don’t like the look of the colour changes. Second, I’ll choose different colours and plan for lots of contrast OR for complementary colours. And third, I’ll make it about half again as wide. But it’s not bad as a stashbuster.

And the other projects I’ve been working on in that 12 in 2012 challenge? Well, it’s a secret. I am making some THINGS. For some FRIENDS. And that is ALL I am going to say about THAT. But I am really kind of giggling like a little girl about these projects. And you can see what I made once I give it to the (un)lucky recipients.

So, it’s not a lot. But I’m still clicking along and keeping pace to get everything done, and enjoying what I am working on. And I guess that’s the point, really.

9 thoughts on “February Project Update

  1. I love the weather blanket, just as it is! Although the colours aren’t a traditional combo, I think they are perfect for the weather 🙂

    • @melissa – Thanks! I am trying to use up some yarn that’s been kicking around the house for a dog’s age, so they maybe aren’t my first choice. And I didn’t plan well. I have yellow for sunny days beside a cream colour for cloudy days beside a white for snow… so this winter, it’s a blur of yellow and cream. That’s the thing, though — you never know how it will work out! In a winter full of snow and cold temps there would have been lots of whites and yellows and blues. So you just have to go with it! But at the yarn store this past week I saw an afghan made with rich, bright colours and thought maybe that would be fun to try with next year’s blanket (if I get that far!).

      But I love the idea of a history of the year’s weather. I have this vision in my mind of a cottage with a bunch of blankets representing years of our life kicking around… A little romantic, perhaps, but the idea appeals to me, so I think if I can keep at it and I continue to enjoy doing it, it might become an ongoing hobby for me.

  2. I just love all the projects. I wish I knew about a weather wrap blanket at the first of the year. How much fun!

  3. By the way, those squares look like the ones I started for a Bernat KAL last year. Very pretty.

    • @Sherri — Thanks! They’re from an old, old patchwork afghan pattern. It’s got 100 squares to choose from, and they give a layout, or you can pick and choose.

      BTW, speaking of Bernat… I went to the Spinrite (Bernat/Patons/Lily) Factory Outlet sale last week and got cotton and acrylic mill ends at 25 cents an ounce! It’s mental when they have a sale. Lots of other stuff on sale too, but I got something like 8 pounds of yarn for under 30 bucks. If you are not too choosy, you can score some fab deals.

  4. Wow, that sounds amazing. I wish I lived closer. But then again, my house is starting to look a lot like a yarn hoarder’s house so maybe it would not be a good idea. Do you know if they make any type of cotton thinner than a worsted. I have seen some lovely cotton things but can only find cotton in a worsted here—to bulky for say summer socks, etc.

    • @Sherri — Oh yeah, I have seen TONS of cotton sock-weight yarn. Patons Grace is also a sport-weight that is really nice. Noro does cotton blend sock yarn, and Classic Elite and Rowan do a whole range of cottons and blends in all weights.

      My go-to online shop is Webs (yarn.com) in Massachusetts. The have a fantastic variety and their closeouts can be really great deals. I got my grab bag from there and you can specify up to 2 choices, so I said cotton/washable wool, worsted and sock weight, and got some great yarns.

  5. That sounds wonderful. I will have to keep my eyes open closer to home. Gaspereau Wool Farm has some of those that you mentioned so I must check out the actual weights on them. I would love to do some summer socks. Thanks for the heads up.

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