Wait, What?

It’s Tuesday already? Really? Are you sure?

It seems like the last few days have been really busy. Like, REALLY busy. They haven’t been, not overly. And yet, here I am marvelling that tomorrow is Wednesday and already I have to put the garbage out.

We’ve gotten a lot done in a few days. Cleaning. Laundry. School. Exercise. Dancing. Swimming. And I have had a bit more work than usual to do, actual paying work, which is always welcome but adds to the busy.

We’ve auditioned a babysitter, who came and got to know Stinkerbelle’s routine and sat with her for a couple of hours so BDH and I could go out on our first “date” night since August 2008. They hit it off splendidly, and BDH and I had and OMG DEELISH supper, in which I had a divine beef vindaloo that satisfied a craving for curry that I have had for lo, these many months. So that was nice.

Our new sitter also runs her own very reasonably priced cleaning business, so we’re having her come clean twice a month. Which should have started today. And that meant rushing about tidying up and getting ready as one does (because paying for cleaning does not equal paying for washing dishes or putting away toys or making sure our shoes are in the rack. That is just silly.) So rush, rush, rush… and then she didn’t come.

She was in a car accident on the way here this morning. She is fine, but it meant a morning first of rushing, then of waiting, then of worrying, then of sort-of-frantically trying to get hold of her to make sure she was okay. So that was exciting.

And then, yesterday, I was ill. I’ve got this intestinal… thing… that flares up every couple of months and leaves me out of commission for, like, 18 hours. So I was medicated and trying to sleep the pain off a lot yesterday. So I kind of lost a part of yesterday a little bit.

Yeah. It’s been a full couple of days, and now? It’s suddenly Tuesday.

My knitting has been, sadly, neglected. Cooking has been a little hit-and-miss. Tomorrow we’re expecting yet another freezing rainfest of doom. And the cats are actually, physically, demanding attention.

On the plus side, Stinkerbelle has learned how to pedal her tricycle LIKE A BOSS around the main floor of the house. So that’s kept her busy, too. WAIT NO THAT’S NOT EXACTLY ON THE GOOD PARENTING CHECKLIST. Especially when she pedals backwards off the edge into the sunken living room and tumbles arse over teakettle. Without a helmet on. WHOOPS.

Well, I did have the presence of mind to tie a balloon to her handlebars so I couldn’t COMPLETELY lose sight of her as she whipped around the house. So, that’s gotta be worth SOMETHING. Right?

Is it March yet?

2 thoughts on “Wait, What?

  1. Heh – it’s funny, as soon as I started reading the sentence about Stinkerbelle riding her trike around the main floor of your house, I started thinking, “ooo, I hope she hasn’t ridden off the step down from the kitchen to the living room”, and them I finished the sentence saying she did exactly that. I am psychic, I tells you!

  2. Well, after three and a half years you deserve a very special “date”. I am glad that you had a great meal.
    Like Janna I knew what was coming next after Stinkerbelle learned to ride her tricycle.

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