WeatherMom FAIL

My kid loves snow. LOVES. IT. Whereas I hate it. She should have been born here in Canada, and I should have been born in Africa.

She loves everything about snow. She loves the cold, she loves to play in it, she loves how it looks and feels and tastes. But this winter has been very disappointing, with almost no snow, and lots of cold, damp days. Hardly the type of winter for a snow-loving kid to enjoy.

So, when the weather predicted 15 cm snow starting last night and through today — really, our first big snow of the entire winter, and probably the last — we were kind of excited. She was excited for OMG SNOW, and I admit I was kind of excited at the prospect of getting out and shovelling the driveway and for Stinkerbelle to have the opportunity to play and get some fresh air and burn off some energy.

We did all our shopping yesterday so that today, we’d be safe at home and not have anywhere to go. And we planned for maybe a little shovelling, probably some snowman-building, and definitely a lot of playing. And last night before tucking That Girl into bed, under a snowfall warning, we talked about maybe having a nice warm bath and some cocoa after playing in the snow, which is always a big payoff for Stinkerbelle.

This morning, we woke up to a blanket of fresh snow. Stinkerbelle was beside herself with excitement. She was all CAN I PUT MY BOOTS ON NOW PLEASE despite still being in her jammies and not having even had breakfast yet. I said we had to wait and see, but first we needed to have breakfast and get play clothes on.

And as we sat and ate breakfast, we waited for the snow.

BDH left for work. Still no snow. We waited.

Then the phone rang. BDH was on his way to work, and the snow had started. I looked outside and big fat flakes had begun to fall. YAY! There was a loud rejoicing.

So off we went after breakfast to get play clothes on. And, sitting in Stinkerbelle’s room helping her get dressed, I noticed the sound.

There was a strange ticking sound, like something hitting the window.


Not exactly rain. More like rain mixed with snow. Our snow day was disappearing into a big, gloppy, wet mess.

And, checking the forecast, our snowfall warning is gone, and in its place… RAIN. Rain mixed with snow, and cold wind, and a crappy day all around, weather-wise.

So now, we sit in the attic, me mining the TVO website for entertainment for Stinkerbelle, who is bitterly disappointed at not being able to go out and play in the snow.

We should never have told her that it was going to snow today. We should have known better, that Environment Canada has been wrong all winter long, and that we should not have gotten our hopes up. But everywhere we went yesterday, people talked about the coming snow, and asked Stinkerbelle if she was going to toboggan, or build a snowman, or just if she was excited about the snow.

We should have known better. WeatherMom FAIL.

No amount of Zoboomafoo and Word World is going to make up for this one. I think I might have to break out The Mixer to make amends. And even that might not do it.

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