In Which News Is Good

It’s been a decent sort of day here today. I like that.

We’re getting back into routine after a week at home. Stinkerbelle had a cold — nothing too serious, but OMG THE BOOGERYNESS. And nobody, not even the most dedicated of preschool teachers, wants to deal with a boogity mess. So, even though she was mostly feeling okay, we kept her home last week.

She was SO. COMPLETELY. BORED. So this week, going back to swimming and school, has been excellent for her, to expend some energy and play, And for me too — today was a particularly positive day at school.

As you know, we have been dealing with, or more accurately, trying to deal with, some of That Girl’s issues — her language delays, her oral-motor issues, and her odd little “quirk” which is not a seizure although it might look that way — for a couple of years now. The speech therapy here in town was a complete bust. The. Worst. And the occupational therapy, while well-intentioned, made no absolutely headway whatsoever. We’ve been spinning our wheels for two and a half years now.

But starting with this awesome infant developmental worker named Monica about a year and a half ago, and moving into her absolutely fantastic preschool, and after Monica’s hand-off to Susan, a colleague in her organization, Trellis, who comes into Stinkerbelle’s classroom… I feel like things are getting done. I feel like people are watching, and working, and helping with That Girl’s issues.

Today is where it all came to a nice head, though, as I went to pick Stinkerbelle up after class and was handed a yellow duotang.

This book contains a daily assessment sheet, which the team of Susan and Trellis and Stinkerbelle’s preschool teachers have decided will be filled out each day to tell us what That Girl is doing in class each day. It shows what she’s doing well at, and what she needs work on. It addresses all the basic developmental issues we are concerned with, in the scope of Stinkerbelle’s day in the classroom.

AND… It has a section for SNACK TIME. SNACK TIME!11!!1Eleventy!!11!!

Someone is listening. People are helping. I was thrilled.

So I stayed behind at school to discuss the book with Stinkerbelle’s teachers. Not only does it allow for their assessment each day, but we are to bring it home and if we have any thoughts or questions or concerns we just add them to the sheet. And then we take it back next day, and the process repeats.

Further to that, Stinkerbelle’s teacher Mrs. Alison is now moving forward to get a speech therapist AND an occupational therapist in the classroom to work with Stinkerbelle in the course of her school day. No more artificial, clinical situations — they can observe and assist in real-time. This is HUGE for me.

Finally, I brought Stinkerbelle’s little “quirk” to the teacher’s attention. I asked if they had ever observed it, and would they mind keeping track of when it occurs. I was explaining that we have been searching for an answer, for some help, to get this diagnosed and under control all this time, and it’s either been dismissed or nobody has been able to observe and/or identify it. They knew EXACTLY what I was talking about, and noted that it only seemed to happen around snack time.

But the most wonderful thing of all was to have That Girl’s other teacher, Mrs. Carolyn, say “My daughter used to do the exact same thing”, down to minute movements and expression, and to tell us that it was nothing but a processing issue that she simply grew out of as she caught up developmentally.

I know, it’s anecdata. But STILL. Somebody who KNOWS. Someone with EXPERIENCE. And someone who reassures us that nothing is wrong.

I sat down at my computer and just cried with relief. Two and a half years of searching and asking and someone FINALLY understands and can speak to it. I had not realized the stress it had caused BDH and myself until just today.

So, even though Stinkerbelle whined and fussed and acted the Drama Llama throughout because OMG MUST GO HOME AND EAT SAMMICH AND WATCH DINOSAUR TRAIN NOW STOP YOU ADULTS TALKING I AM SO HARD DONE BY, that little 15 minute discussion has made for a really positive day.

A little good news is always welcome.

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  1. Wow – that is totally, completely awesome! What a great pre-school! Should I ever have a child, perhaps I will consider moving closer to you…..

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