January Project Recap

I set myself a lot of goals, knitting-wise, for 2012. I’m a notorious project-starter, so by setting goals I will be compelled to finish what I start. And by that I mean, I work well on a deadline so I have something to push me to get things done. Plus, I said it out loud, on Teh Interwebs, so there’s the whole guilt factor.

I promised to make at least 15 hats for Melissa for distribution to herd boys in Lesotho. I’ve got four done, plus six or seven I made previously. So that’s good progress.

(click photos to embiggen)

I said I’d make 12 projects in 2012 for another challenge that I am using to get some long-standing, much-neglected projects done. Like a quilt I had planned for Stinkerbelle, originally planned as 16 squares… and somehow I stalled around 8 squares. Plus she’s bigger now, so I should make it bigger. Anyway, I am plugging along on that one, and have added a couple of squares to the pile. I’ve also used that project to do some charity squares at the same time.

Another 12-in-2012 challenge I am using to get some personal projects done. Things like covers for the chair legs in the kitchen (“chair socks”) and for the Kobo e-readers BDH and I got for Christmas.

Part of that 12-in-2012 is a blanket. It’s called a Weather Wrap throw, and it means knitting two rows each day to reflect the weather for that day — so, for example, if it is sunny, I knit two rows of yellow. If it snows, two rows of white. That kind of thing. It’s a stashbuster project, a way to use up yarn that’s been sitting unused in my stash FOR EVAH. I’m really enjoying it though, and if I can keep it up, I think by year’s end it will be cool to have a record of what it was like this year.

So it’s been a productive month so far. Let’s see if I am as productive come the sweltering summer months.

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