Stay at Home Dad

BDH is taking a week’s vacation this week. He’s been sick, like we all have, for six weeks now, and it’s been a good five or six months since his last vacation. So he opted to take a week off and just rest and hang out.

One of the nice things is that, during this time, he gets the opportunity to get back in touch with what his daughter does in the course of a day. Being at work all day, five days a week most weeks, he gets what she does, on an intellectual level. Of course. But he doesn’t really get to experience what she does, or see the little things that I get to see but don’t mention, and perhaps take for granted.

Take swimming class, for example. Today was the first time in two years of swimming lessons that BDH has had the chance to see That Girl in swim class. He had not even been in the recreation centre before today. He just didn’t have the opportunity. But he got to sit and watch his girl paddle about — well, dunk underwater, mostly, because that is all she seems to want to do — and he really got a kick out of it.

I forget, sometimes, that these things are new and fun for him, because I see them all the time. And I forget that the little things that I take for granted may be the things that give him the greatest joy in a day with Stinkerbelle.

He has done the school run this week, and gotten to be the recipient of the joyous run-and-hug at the door that finishes each school day for Stinkerbelle. Tomorrow he’s going to get up with her and get her fed and ready for school, so I can have a sleep-in day. He’s going to sit in with me at a meeting with her developmental coordinator tomorrow. He is having breakfast with his best girl every day. And lunch. And playtime. We may even get out for a walk in the woods one day, if the weather cooperates.

I forget all the little things that make my day full and rewarding, that he gets to experience new on these days off. I think that, although he’d also love to be able to sleep in and play is online game and relax all day, he is enjoying his week as a stay-at-home dad.

It’s no week in Barbados, and no mistake. But he wouldn’t get as many kisses and hugs and moments of joy in a week in Barbados, either.

3 thoughts on “Stay at Home Dad

  1. sounds like a great week off to me!! Hope it is rejuvenating as well as enjoyable… and y’all finally beat that crappy cold/virus/whateverthehell.

  2. I suppose what you get out of a vacation in Barbados depends what part of the island you go to (if you get my drift….). Anyway, good luck at your appointment with the developmental coordinator! I send my love to you all.

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