I’m Not Laughing

Okay, so. Guess who’s sick again?

NOT ME. But, BDH has bronchitis. AND post-bronchitis, which means when he was sick at Xmas? THAT was bronchitis. And then he got better. And now he has post-bronchitis. But since getting better, while suffering with post-bronchitis, he’s managed to get bronchitis AGAIN.  So, both bronchitis AND post-bronchitis. AT THE SAME TIME.

NICE. That takes a special gift, that does.

And, this afternoon, guess who started coughing?

NOT ME. But Stinkerbelle’s nap was punctuated with coughs, and she’s been coughing ever more steadily since then. TWO DAYS BACK in school, and ALREADY she’s come home sick. Or picked up Daddy’s bronchitis. Whatever.

EXCELLENT. I expect the next few nights are going to be GREAT FUN.

So, who’s next in line, do you think? The one who’s gotten sick every other week since September? The one who’s got asthma and is already prone to these sorts of things? The one who’s just gotten over the whole viral nastiness at Christmas?


Hopefully I shall dodge this bullet, and avoid getting whatever it is these two have.


No, I am not laughing AT you, sickness gods. I am laughing NEAR you. Would I laugh at you? After all, we’ve become SO CLOSE this year.

You bastards.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Laughing

  1. I recommend copious amounts of hand sanitizer (which I don’t normally recommend), and maybe a face mask. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. While I have loved this mild winter weather, it’s not doing anyone any favours in the sickness department.

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