And Now We Exhale

Today is the first day back to school for the kids in our area. What this means for us is that it was the first day back to school for Stinkerbelle, as well as the week wherein all her rec programs resume. We are resuming our regularly scheduled programming.

We can now exhale.

I had forgotten how much we like a schedule around here. Not just me, mind you — although I have expounded repeatedly on the subject, I know — but That Girl as well. She loves to know what is coming up for her day, and to have things to look forward to, and to plan to see people. That last part is especially important for her. She has been a very sociable child, since her very earliest days, apparently, and she remains so. She loves to see people and have kids to play with and have friends to talk to.

I think the holidays was hard for her. She was sick, like we all were, and so she was tired and needed a lot of sleep and generally didn’t mind laying around or watching TV or whatever during the holidays. FOR A WHILE, anyway.  But she was also the quickest of all of us to recover and consequently, she was reaching OMG SO BORED status by about New Year’s Day. And it took a little longer for her parental units to be back up to fighting trim in that time, so we were unable to or unwilling to do a lot of activities we normally would do to keep her busy and burning energy, like going outside or whatever. Sure, we shovelled the drive and walk and the neighbour’s drive a few times, and we walked in the woods once, and we played in the snow a couple of times (or, to be honest, she played and I watched), but it was just not enough, often enough, to burn off the energy of a very busy three-year-old.

So she was bored. And thus EXTREMELY HAPPY to be back in school today.

I was glad to see her go back, too. I hate seeing her bored and unhappy, and school just pushes all the kid’s contentment buttons. She gets to play with friends, and talk to other people, and run around in the gym, and she comes home aglow and buzzing with excitement about what happened during her morning. So that was lovely.

And for me? Structure returns to my day. A schedule is back in place around which I can plan. THIS IS GOOD.

I got work done, and did some chores that needed doing, and had some tasks I was able to catch up on. I had time to have a pot of tea. I started thinking of the week stretching out before me and making plans. And this makes me contented. I like knowing what hours I have to do what tasks. I like having plans and accomplishing things on my list.

Don’t get me wrong — hours of knitting and watching Lark Rise to Candleford as I have had over the last two weeks has been lovely. I have enjoyed it. But if you’re going to have hours of leisure, you want to be well enough to enjoy it, and have it be part of everyone’s plan.

And while I have enjoyed knitting and TV time, that is not ALL I want to do, ALL THE TIME. Even during time off, I also like to get things done, and on my schedule. MY schedule. I am sure several of you can relate to the emphasis — it is good to have a measure of control over your day, and to dictate what you will do during that day, and when. When you are stuck at home for a longish period of time, or have no schedule to meet, or have someone else relying on you to meet their needs or making the plans, it may be fine — for a day or two, even a week if you are, say, on a beach in Barbados or whatever. But when you are at home, it gets old after a little while. After that, it’s a pain.

But we are back in our routine. We are well again (for the time being… except for BDH, who is still suffering) and glad to be getting out and doing things. We have places to go and people to see and things to do.

We can exhale, and it is not a cough or a yawn or a sigh of frustration.

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  1. I admit I had the back-to-routine FAIL of forgetting that Monday nights means tennis.

    And glad to hear you are all feeling better!

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