Festive Season Recap

The holidays are over. It was not the fantastic Christmas we had hoped for when the whole getting-ready-for-the-Christmas-season thing began, what with being sick and exhausted for most of December and all. But it was good. It was a very good Christmas.

  • Silent Night, Indeed: One of the best things about this holiday season was the fact that the vast majority of our neighbours buggered off for the holidays, leaving our street virtually empty and quiet for four blissful days. It was awesome. Quiet and peaceful and traffic free — now, in future, if we could just have some snow, and maybe keep the stupid local Running Room from using the street for their running clinics, it would be perfect.
  • Preparation is Good: If we had not been totally about getting prepared starting six weeks before Christmas, we’d have had nothing at all done once we got sick and it would have been a blue Christmas indeed.
  • Preparation is Not So Good: If we had not been totally about getting prepared starting six weeks before Christmas, I would not now be completely homicidal at the mere mention of The Grinch, The Polar Express, and several Rankin-Bass holiday favourites.
  • Xmas 2011, Now With 50% Less Food: Normally we bake a metric crapton of cookies, and package them up to give to friends and people we love for the holidays. But this year, we just didn’t have it in us to do very much, and just a fraction of our usual baking got done. We got some to our friend Vicki, she who loves my gingerbread, and to the Cat Clinic, and to teachers and some colleagues, but that’s about it. It’s all I could handle. And once Christmas came around, with not being able to eat or taste much, we didn’t do much in terms of snacking or treats, and Christmas dinner itself was a much-pared-down affair rather than the BDH’s usual Traditional Dibley Christmas Dinner With 16 Veg. The problem is? Now that we’re on the mend, and can taste and eat… there are NO LEFTOVERS. I may have to cook turkey dinner for New Years just to make up the difference.
  • Parenting Fail of the Month #1: Unlike so many of our adoptive parent peers, who have forsworn the commercialism of the holiday season, and/or don’t do Santa, and/or take a socially responsible parenting line where Christmas is concerned… yeah, so, we totally didn’t do any of that. And, as you can tell by my love of Tim Minchin, I’m not big on the whole Judeo-Christian aspect of the holiday either. So it was FAIL on all fronts, really. Around here, it was all Santa, all the time prior to Christmas. We were the 24/7 Santa channel, live and in technicolor. That Girl LOVES her some Santa, and had a great time visiting him, and talked of nothing else for weeks until the appointed night came along. And then, come Christmas Eve, it was like an army of elves marched through here and they all got drunk and partied hard and then tipped over Santa’s sleigh and left a bunch of other kids’ stuff behind. So, that happened. And it was awesome.
  • Parenting Fail of the Month #2: We’ve been really sick. My kid has watched A LOT of TV. Like, her-eyeballs-are-getting-square lots. Like, she-knows-all-the-dialogue-to-about-six-movies lots.
  • Parenting Fail of the Month #3: One of the shows we’ve been watching is season 25 of Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the Tubes of You. I know it’s not EXACTLY children’s hour on PBS or anything, but it’s funny, and it’s about music, and… yeah, I have no excuse. ANYWAY… this season, apparently, they’re either not bleeping things out, or they’re just cussing a whole lot more. Whoops. Either way, our kid’s been watching with us, and it’s been… colourful. Yeah, that’s it! (And if you’re a #NMTB fan? I gotta say, this season’s been pretty uneven. So you’re not missing much. But OMG ALICE COOPER HOSTED SQUEE AND ELEVENTY!!!)
  • We’re Not Santa. We’re Just Fans of the Big Man.: One of the traditions we hope to carry on from this year was the donation to our local Salvation Army toy drive. The toy drive needed toys for the under-2s and for the 8-10 year old set, so BDH took some money to our local educational toy store and bought a bunch of toys for the toy drive. As he took off all the price tags the night before, BDH was overwhelmed by the thought that there could be so much need in our own community. We may not be able to save the world, but hopefully we were able to put some smiles on some kids’ faces that might otherwise have had none on Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Festive Season Recap

  1. I don’t think parenting fail #1 is a fail at all! Kids are supposed to have make belief in there lives and I think a little excitement and magic are wonderful things as well. Good to hear you had a great Christmas (even with a little sickness).

  2. I am totally going to “go all Santa”, too 🙂 At least before age 4/5. I can’t wait!

    And, I do think Christmas feast #2 is in order. What good is the big meal without all of the leftovers.

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