If you’ve been looking for me, either here or to see what cookies I’ve made recently, I’ve been hibernating.

It seems that cold I got 6 weeks ago has blossomed into a lovely viral infection. So, for days now I have been trying to stay in the house, trying to rest but mostly coughing my brains out. Coughing until I almost throw up coughing.

And I have been so very tired. When I am tired, really exhausted, my natural instinct is to cry. Yesterday, I woke up, and after a sleepless night of painful coughing, combined with a ringing in my head and hormones to beat the band, I sat down at the kitchen table and cried. Cried and cried and cried.

So you know I am pretty tired.

Off to the clinic today, where antibiotics and probiotic yogurt and nasal spray have been prescribed. I am glad to hear it is not pneumonia or bronchitis, both of which have been making the rounds at Stinkerbelle’s preschool.

And so, I leave you now, to climb into bed and sleep. Sleep and sleep and sleep. Possibly cough my brains out, but hopefully the little antibiotics are doing battle and beating the crap out of whatever is bugging my lungs.

See you on the flip side. Or maybe later in the week. It’s hard to say.

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