No Day But Today

Today is World AIDS Day. I am honoured to share my birthday with a day that raises awareness of a disease that’s been around AT LEAST 30 years (and probably longer, under different identities). A disease that has caused such suffering and division. A disease that has caused love and lives and families and communities to be torn asunder. A hateful bastard of a disease that has brought out the fear and the hateful bastards in politicians, religious leaders, organizations and everyday folk.


It is also a disease that people have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of. A disease that people have fought tirelessly to beat back and pound into submission. A disease that has united people in a common cause. A disease that has built powerful organizations and communities and families.

It’s not done yet. More has to be done, and more equitably and positively for HIV sufferers worldwide. The fight has to continue. It has to be won.

And so, today, I look with joy upon the changes that have happened because people decided in the last thirty years to act up and fight HIV/AIDS. I look with optimism to the future as we continue the battle. I look with love towards friends and family in my global community that are fighting and winning, and fighting for and holding on to those who cannot fight and are not able to win without help.

I am dancing and singing and remembering in their honour.

Act Up. Fight AIDS. No day but today.

(OMG SO NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but still awesome:)


And, because no dancing on World AIDS Day would be complete without him:


And now, something to think about:


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