Aaaaand… Scene.

Well now. Lookit me. I finished my NaBloPoMo, all 30 days of posting in November. Not all of them interesting, not many of them useful, nothing really earth shattering, but that’s okay.

Most days it was pretty easy to come up with something to write about, which is good. And keeping up my tradition of Saturday photos for Grammy and Grandad was helpful, too. A couple of days I had the OMG MY LIFE IS SO BORING IT SUCKS WHAT WILL I WRITE kind of angst, but generally speaking, it was a pretty good month.

I am not the sort of person who writes deep and meaningful things. I don’t try to discuss issues. I don’t generally write about anything topical, except to the parents and potential parents of other small humans. Or cat owners. Sometimes I appeal to cat owners. And people who like to read about someone who experiences life FAILs on a regular basis.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything, and I think that makes it pretty easy to talk, mostly superficially, about just about everything.

I’ve noticed the number of regular readers here has dropped steadily over the past couple of years, mostly as people lose interest once a milestone common to their own lives has passed. Once the infertility stuff was done, those folks sharing the journey moved on. Once our adoption was complete, the parents looking to learn from our experience moved on, one by one, as their own families became united. And a lot of folks who are also bloggers tend to drop off when they lose interest in blogging themselves.

And all that is fine. That’s the nature of blogging, really.

But that’s also why NaBloPoMo is a good thing for people like me, people who blog because… well, because we like to write about stuff. It is sometimes hard to stay motivated when your readers and commenters are disappearing, and hard to think of things to say that are of interest to those who remain. Having to post everyday makes you stretch your muscles a bit.

You have to dig a little deeper sometimes, and think of something to write about. Sometimes it may be short and sweet, but it’s still something. Sometimes, it’s simply an exercise to put words together, come up with some interesting turns of phrase, or find ways to express your thoughts or experiences in unusual or creative or more thorough and thoughtful ways.

And as you can read, the exercise didn’t always succeed for me. Meh. That’s the way it goes.

So congrats to my other successful November bloggers, for getting it done, and for those of you who gave it a good try even for a little while. I know how challenging it can be, so a hat tip to you.

And maybe it will inspire me to be a little more… at other times of year. We’ll see.


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  1. I have enjoyed you daily blogs as it keeps me in touch and gives me some idea what your days are like and what is happening in your neck of the woods.

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