Inspiration and Donation

Some days I get all inspired.

Usually it’s around charitable donation. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have the skills to organize and inspire and lead people to get things done. I don’t have vision. But I can knit.

Charity knitting. I see projects, or yarn, or organizations, and I am gripped with a fever to KNIT ALL THE THINGS!! But then, sometimes, I get going on a project and I find another organization that needs this, and another group that needs that, and all of a sudden I hit the wall. There’s just so much need, and not enough me. Or, as Dan says earlier in the episode above, “A couple of months ago I wrote a check to someone. Now I’m in the middle of Dickensian London.”

(Ooh, Dan. Yum. How perfect is HE? But I digress.)

What I need? Is a LIST.

(No, I kid. You THOUGHT I was going to say “list”, didn’t you?)

What I ACTUALLY need? Is a PLAN. Which is LIKE a list, only with more levels of organization.

(Okay. So you weren’t so far off. Yes, you’re very smart. Shut up.)

A plan would help me, I think. What’s bad is that, while I am an Olympic-calibre project starter, my follow through is for crap. I have a bazillion knitted things around the house, for this group and that organization. What I need is to get my arse in gear and get them packaged and sent. And that’s where I seem to get stuck.

I know there are so many people and animals that would benefit if I could just get a plan together. This is my challenge, of late. It’s the holiday season, and it’s winter, and so I am seeing more and more people and animals in need. I’m finding pet projects I want to support. But until I can begin to think about these things, I need a plan.

I have the will. I have the desire. I have the stash. What I lack are the listmaker’s favourite things: Lists. Lists of people and addresses and websites.Lists of needs. Lists of deadlines. And a plan to pull all these things together, to help me get my stash on the needles, my knitting completed, and my projects out the door.

Well, that, and a dash of reality. I also need to be realistic in what I can do, while also getting the personal projects I commit to completed in a timely fashion, within the confines of my free time. Because, as much as I want to donate to ALL THE THINGS, realistically I have to draw some lines somewhere.

You get bogged down, looking at all the charities that need help, here in the middle of Dickensian London. They are all deserving. But you just can’t do everything for everyone.

That may be a big part of my projects dying before they get out the door: I want to do so much, and when I finish something, it seems to be so little.

So more perspective is needed. Because really, every little bit you can do helps, because it’s that much more than the recipients of your efforts had before. A couple of squares here, some hats there… it all adds up. If I am doing a little bit, it’s added to someone else’s little bit, and it all comes together to be so much more. The trick, as they say, is to get in the game.

So, a plan. I need one. So since BDH got us our fabulous list-making software, the first step is to make use of it to accumulate all the charities and websites and needs and contact information I need. That will be the first step in the plan. Then I need to set some realistic goals, and deadlines. And then, make another plan for follow-through at the end.

I have to see my inspiration through the perspiration to get to donation. Because, when all those pieces fall into place, even if just one person in need gets a blanket or a hat…  just look at what we can do.

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  1. Possibly I am uber hormonal, but that video clip made me cry. That’s what it’s all about, sharing and relationship.

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