Chocolate Chip Cookies

My daughter, until about two weeks ago, had never eaten a chocolate chip cookie.

Surprised? Yeah, I was too. But as things have gone, with her oral motor issues and delays and such, it was only until this year when she really got interested in eating homemade cookies. Store-bought cookies like arrowroots were fine, because they’re pretty… consistent. But homemade cookies are full of mixed textures and flavours and shapes and she was all OH HELL NO until just recently.

Then Corn Parking introduced her to the wonders of gingerbread.

She’d had some little gingerbread cookies that I had made at Christmastime before. But they were tiny and she would kind of gum them until they dissolved. But the Corn Parking cookie? OM NOM NOM. Gingerbread has lots of flavour, which stimulates the taste buds and appeals to the eating-challenged, but also it’s one texture. So it was tasty AND easy.

She loved them.

A few weeks ago, we were at Corn Parking, and they had no fresh-baked gingerbread. Their baking was cleaned out. So we had to settle for one of the few remaining bags of chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty good, but kind of bland. And the chips were big and lumpy.

She was underwhelmed, and only ate a little bit.

But today? Today, for whatever reason — maybe they were talking about it in school — but today, she was all about LET’S BAKE COOKIES. As soon as she got up from her nap, she asked MOMMY WE MAKE COOKIES AND USE THE MIXER?

And I, never one to pass on the opportunity to bake, agreed. I wasn’t sure what we had in the pantry, but I figured we would find something to make. So I looked and found some chocolate chips, and a packet of Skor chips that I had forgotten about. Jackpot.

Stinkerbelle was RIGHT THERE, right in the thick of things, pouring things into the mixing bowl, turning on the mixer, and happily sampling every ingredient and taste she could find. She mixed and spooned and helped however she could.

Yes, there were some mis-measurements and some spills. And, yes, possibly there was more cookie dough sampled than probably there should have been. But she LOVED it. And for someone who loves to bake, it is one of my favourite things about having a child to be able to share this with her. It gives me great joy.

So we made a couple dozen slightly lumpy, slightly doughy cookies. But as she sat at the table, chocolate smeared all over her hands and face, grinning from ear to ear, I watched as my kid discovered one of the great joys of life — homemade chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of cold milk.

It’s moments like this that make everything — all the sleepless nights and stressful times and frustrations and fears — worthwhile. This is what I imagined when I dreamed about being a mom.

I love these times with my daughter. And I love chocolate chip cookies. Win/win.


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    • @ Janna — Well, I’m afraid the mythology of Corn Parking is much, much larger than the tiny little farm market on the outskirts of town actually is. But as for baking, maybe you should come and do some Xmas baking with us!

  1. That would be totes cool! I will discuss with The Man of Many Coughs & get back to you on when we are free, and will look into recipes to bake…..

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