I’m not used to blogging on a Sunday. When I am not doing this NaBloPoMo business, or unless something really remarkable happens, Sunday is usually my day off. And really, a lot of that is due to the fact that Sunday is always our day off here, too.

A long time ago, when BDH and I were young and childless, Sunday was a whole different thing. It was lazy. We slept until we woke up. We ate giant brunch. We spent our days in neutral corners doing what was relaxing — playing computer games, knitting, watching movies… whatever helped us relax and decompress before another long and stressful work week began. At the beginning of our relationship, we both travelled almost every week for work, so Sunday was often our travel day — so a Sunday at home was precious.

But now, years later, with That Girl and different jobs and a different lifestyle — Sundays are still precious, but for different reasons.

We try to stay in on a Sunday. I plan my week so there are very few errands that need to be done on a weekend. We have low tolerance for the crowds, the cars, the lineups, the rushing stupid throngs of people going here and there. We If we do go out, it’s mainly on Saturday, for That Girl’s dance class, or for something fun together like going out to Corn Parking, or for lunch at a restaurant, or visiting friends. But Sunday is reserved for staying home and enjoying our time together.

Not too much happens in our house on a Sunday. Well, that’s not true — a LOT happens here nowadays, but it’s usually not blog-worthy. We clean, we do stuff around the house, we do laundry. A LOT of laundry. We try to do a “Sunday supper”, a sit-down meal with a bit of planning and actual meat-and-two-veg kind of thing going on, if we can. (Or maybe fish and rice and veg. Or maybe a casserole. But you know what I mean. A traditional sit-down family meal.)

Sunday is our day for big breakfasts, and sleep-in days. It’s our day for cleaning up from the week just past, and preparing for the week ahead. And it’s Stinkerbelle’s bath day, which is a two-hour event in and of itself with bath and hair and whatnot. And we try to squeeze in some time to do things together, maybe go to the park or for a walk if the weather is fine, or play and do puzzles and watch movies and read stories together if it’s not.

But mostly, Sunday is about rest and relaxation. We have nowhere to be and no errands or appointments we have to attend to. And even though there’s sometimes a lot of laundry, or cleaning to be done, or whatever, it’s okay, because we’re home together and we can put music on and we can work together, and there are always breaks for fun.

I like Sundays. I wish we had a week of Sundays sometimes. That would be lovely.

But even better? A week of LAZY Sundays. I think those days are gone, for a few years at least. But that’s okay. Laundry or cleaning or whatever, I wouldn’t miss a Sunday like we have now, with Stinkerbelle at the centre of our day, for anything in the world.

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