Reviewing and Rewatching

Christmas season is right around the corner, and around here, a big part of our holiday traditions revolve around watching Christmas movies.

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I am one of those people who can watch a movie or a TV show over and over again. If I like it, of course. And I think this is one of those things that you either DO or you do NOT — there’s no middle ground. Either you are a re-watcher, or you watch something once and that’s that.

If we enjoy something, we buy it, and we will, more often than not, watch it again.

I think it’s fair to say you can probably identify the people who are big movie re-watchers by their big video collections. I wasn’t really that aware of how big we are into watching things repeatedly until I sat down and took stock of our video collection one day last year. I forget what the total was then, but I am sitting opposite our video collection right now, so let’s do a rough guesstimation. On average, one of our shelves holds 50 videos, and we have 6 shelves full.  So that’s 300. Then we have two tall, narrow cases of movies on another wall, each holding an average of 80 videos. Then, across the top of our shelving, we store some of the bigger box sets, and there are 40-ish of those, each containing multiple discs. Then, scattered about the place, we have maybe 10 movies or box sets at any given time. And downstairs in the playroom, we have Stinkerbelle’s videos, which number probably close to 100.

So 300 + 160 + 10 + 100 + 40 box sets = A LOT OF VIDEOS. A ridiculously wonderful number of videos.

(And let’s not even talk about the ones of which we have purchased digital copies.)

Some of these, admittedly, are duds. Whoever convinced us to buy Tropic Thunder or Along Came Polly or Lost needs a punch in the junk. And, my love affair with John Cusack caused the ill-advised purchase of War Inc. and The Ice Harvest so, you know, I’m not entirely free from blame. And some, while they were really good, are probably too heavy or dark or depressing to watch again, like The Cooler or Grace is Gone or The Matador. And some are favourites of BDHs, usually action films, that I will likely never watch, whereas my favourites tend to lean towards costume dramas and period pieces, some of which he can take or leave.

But as we were redecorating our family room/attic the other day, I was also reminded of some hidden gems we have discovered over the years. State of Play, a BBC series, is one of the best drama series I have ever seen. Life on Mars, also from the UK, was fun and gripping and occasionally gave us moments of WTF. And The Lost Room was a little mind-blowing piece I had never even heard of until BDH brought it home. And, with Christmas coming, we have the charmingly hilarious Bernard and the Genie and Patrick Stewart’s version of A Christmas Carol to look forward to. We have all kinds of these little wonders.

We have a lot of videos.

There’s obviously no way I am ever going to watch all of these videos again.We still have movies we have not seen yet, unopened and waiting to be watched. But even still, when we sit down to watch something, we’ll consider watching something we know and enjoy just as frequently as something new. And some things definitely get more rewatching than others. Sports Night got watched and rewatched so often we had to get another copy. I am currently doing a watch-along of The West Wing. I tend to watch Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing when I am down, or Henry V when I need to watch something truly, genuinely great. And of course, I have watched Doctor Who again and again, like comfort food for the soul.

You just know that, even though we have hundreds of videos, there will be some on our Christmas wish lists this year. Sure, some might be duds. And some of those may become favourites to watch again and again.

So if ever you’re bored, come on over and we can watch something together. Or rewatch, as the case may be.

3 thoughts on “Reviewing and Rewatching

  1. My most watched-and-rewatched titles are Apollo 13, Field of Dreams, and LOTR. TV shows, the West Wing is up there, but I will shamefully admit that the top # of views probably belongs to season 1 of the O.C. (Don’t judge me.)

    • @ tafel — Far be it from me to judge. I have watched Groundhog Day more times than I should admit in public. And some fairly questionable rom-coms and a made-on-the-cheap version of Tara Road.

  2. I don’t have a huge movie collection, but I love my re -watches. Pride and Prejudice (A&E) is probably my most watched movie and Gilmore Girls is definitely my most watched series. My two “must watch” Christmas movies are Bridget Jones’ Dairy and Elf. I am already looking forward to re-watching them both!

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