I Said That I Would Do It, And Indeed I Did

Awhile back I said I was going to start a blog about cooking. Mostly cooking, occasionally failing. So I did.

It’s here.

I’m still in the process of backposting stuff and making it look just so. And, hopefully, I’ve got the security settings right so a) people can actually SEE it, and 2) people can leave comments in the appropriate fashion.  So, you know, if someone could test that and get back to me, I’d be eternally grateful.

And I’ll post my famous gingerbread cookie recipe as thanks. OH WHO AM I KIDDING IT IS NOT MY RECIPE I STOLE IT. But I’ll still post it, just in time for the holidays.

So, I hope to back-fill a little bit with recipes, and post about new recipes I try, and challenges I have with meal plans and cooking, and my many and catastrophic cooking fails. And maybe I’ll even let guest bloggers post their favourite recipes, too. But mostly, I just wanted a place to post recipes that I find and like.

So have a look, and have fun.


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