Random Tuesday: Chaotic Edition

It’s been a chaotic couple of days. Just your regular everyday disorganization here at the House of Peevish.

  • Dumpster Diving: So, the time has come for me to renew my license plate stickers. In the past couple of years, it’s not been that big a deal, since we have a licensing office right around the corner (well, a couple of kms away, actually, so I’d pack Stinkerbelle up in the stroller and we’d walk down and take care of it. No fuss, no muss. Except last year, in their infinite wisdom, the ministry closed the office or relocated it or something. And I could not bear going back to the days of queuing up for half an hour with an unruly preschooler to get a sticker which takes about 15 seconds to dole out. So I was happy to find you can now renew your stickers online. INTERNETS FOREVER! So I did, and they came in the mail in, like, five days. And I opened them, praised the efficiency, and said “I should go put this on my plate NOW before I lose it.” And then I put it down… and promptly lost it. So, I spent an hour looking for it last night. And, after soccer, at midnight, BDH spent an hour looking for it last night. And another hour this morning. By then I was getting desperate. So, as That Girl watched Bob the Builder this morning, I dug through two bags of garbage. And there, out in the garage, at the bottom of the second bag of garbage… there it was, apparently tossed out with a bunch of junk mail. So I went out IMMEDIATELY and stuck it to my plate. I’m just glad we found it. Actually, since tomorrow is garbage day, I’m REALLY glad we looked for it today instead of putting it off to the weekend.
  • Just Like A Greek Wedding. But With Less Dancing.: BDH had two soccer games late last night, and when he plays late, he comes home hungry. So, taking a break from the endless search for license stickers, he decided to have a snack. He went downstairs to the kitchen, and opened the cupboard to get a bowl. The bowls are on the middle shelf of three in our cupboard, with our everyday plates on the bottom shelf, and the less used, miscellaneous, and dessert plates up top. As he was getting a bowl, three of the four braces holding up the shelf above spontaneously gave way, dropping the shelf with all our miscellaneous plates on it down onto the second shelf full of bowls, and sending bowls flying out onto the counter and smashing to the floor. To his great credit, BDH managed to grab and/or secure things well enough that we only lost four small soup bowls and one big soup bowl. It could have been SO much worse — and if it had happened to be me standing there, it would have. But the thing that amazes me most is that, despite the almighty crashing one floor below, Stinkerbelle and I slept right through the entire thing.
  • Hello, This Is Your 11 pm Wake Up Call: I was fretting last night, trying to find my license plate stickers. It was getting late, so I decided just to forget about it and go to bed. Only, I can’t sleep when I am fretting, so I got back up and ran down to the computer and emailed BDH at soccer, to ask him if he might know where the stickers were. And then I went back to bed. And I was tired, so I crashed. Well, 15 minutes later, BDH’s soccer game ended, and he got my email, so he decided to call me. Me, who was now asleep in my bed. Now, I don’t startle out of sleep very well. I get a little panicked. So when the ringtone of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or whateverthefuckitis rang out in my darkened room, you basically had to peel me off the ceiling. But I got to the phone, and BDH was at first surprised to find me asleep, and then, knowing how I am not so good at the sudden waking up bits, infinitely apologetic. We reviewed the sticker situation, and he said he’d look for it when he got home after midnight or thereabouts. And then added, “You want me to come in and wake you up and tell you when I don’t find it? ‘Hi! You sleeping? WAKE UP! I didn’t find anything!'” Now, if the plates coming crashing down about an hour later were not a little bit of karma for being so saucy, then I don’t know what is.
  • Edited to add special bonus chaos: I’m getting SICK. Yes. AGAIN.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Chaotic Edition

    • @Tova — They were from Ikea. We can replace them. Problem is, when we go into Ikea we lose all self-control. And it’s a long way to go for 5 bowls.

  1. see, at least you are far enough away that you won’t be able to blame the sick on me, unlike say everyone on the west coast, who will.

    Hooray for finding the stickers! I admit I would have thrown in the towel and gone and paid for new ones, but then I’m a quitter like that.

    Also, yay! You’re halfway on NaBloPoMo!

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