Change of Scenery

What is it about a change of scenery that does one so much good?

We have a small person in the family who currently has an obsession with ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS. She wants to DO CHRISTMAS all the time. And so, we are trying to accommodate her.

So, this past weekend, we said HOKAY. LET’S CHRISTMAS. And BDH went into the basement and brought all the Rubbermaid bins wherein Christmas, and, indeed, all holidays are contained, up the three flights of stairs to our attic/family room space, so that we could start Christmasing.

This amounted to, let’s say, 8 bins. So, we scattered them about the room behind the couch and began to take stock.

The biggest bin contains the tree. Now, when we agreed to LET’S CHRISTMAS, I figured it would mean some faffing about in boxes, looking at pretty things, playing with a couple of stuffed reindeer and the like. Putting a festive cookie jar here. Possibly taking the odd bit of garland and festooning it there. (Does one festoon garland? I am not sure.) Like that. Simple.

BDH had other ideas. Specifically, let’s-just-put-the-tree-up-and-all-the-decorations-and-be-done-with-it ideas. And once I made my peace with the concept of full-on Christmas in November, I thought meh… what the hell.

And this? Is where the Home Renovations came into play.

See, our attic is a nice space, but it is an ATTIC. It is full of dormers and sloping rooflines and odd spaces and requires a little finesse to decorate properly (which, admittedly, we mostly lack.) So the “where do we put the tree” discussion began in earnest. And almost every option required the movement of furniture. “So, if we put it HERE, then we could move the daybed THERE, and turn the couch THIS WAY…”

We began to look at the only really useful spaces in the room. And there is not a lot of good space, but one bit accommodates our television and limited seating. The only other useful space is one full end wall limited by sloped roof at either end, on which we’ve installed some modular Ikea shelving.

We looked at the seating space, and agreed the tree would look good in one corner. But that would mean moving a big ass chair, and moving the television.

It was then that we came up with the bright idea of putting the TV IN THE BOOKSHELVES.


Meanwhile, Stinkerbelle, she of the “LET’S CHRISTMAS!” was sitting there, pointing and ordering and contributing to the discussion, but getting decidedly little Christmasing out of the deal. BDH kept promising we would get her some Christmas this night, come hell or high water. If she could just wait a few minutes.

So the hell became the measuring, unloading, reconfiguring, moving, and reloading of all our bookshelves. As well as finding a place to put TV, various video and audio components, speakers, and a Mac mini. And the accompanying cables. And refastening the shelving to the wall once again.

The high water would end up being a bath for That Girl while much of the electronic tinkering occurred.

Bathtime done, we opted for a fast-food picnic supper upstairs amid the mess. BDH continued the business of reconfiguring shelves and boxes and books and DVDs. And, as Christmas was promised, I got a big bin out for Stinkerbelle and I to unpack.

This particular bin happens to be the summer vacation home of about six stuffed reindeer of varying sizes and colours and sporting collars of jingle bells. So after delighting in unpacking the festive fellows, That Girl and I played with the reindeer, jingling bells and such. And then we spent a good 45 minutes playing “Where did Stinkerbelle go?” as she hid in the now-empty Rubbermaid bin while her father and I wondered aloud about her whereabouts, leading her to spring up out of the bin and shout “SURPRISE!” at the top of her lungs, and laugh uproariously.

In the end, she was sufficiently Christmased out to go to bed, just a little later than usual. And then BDH and I continued work on the furniture arranging.

And, once we got the bookshelves and TV and such into place, with still much rearranging of shelf contents to be done, we crashed onto the newly-moved sofa. And we were very pleased with the new arrangement. It was what we had hoped to have all along.

It was after sitting for a few moments that we decided the tree wasn’t going to go in the corner that we had moved everything round to accommodate after all.

BUT THAT IS OKAY. We have a new space to enjoy, and the tree will fit in a good place, albeit a different one than we had planned originally. And, because we have a lot of cleaning and sorting and rearranging to do yet, there are still many bins of Christmasing to do yet. We didn’t do it all yesterday as we had planned originally.

So… we have a freshly reconfigured “new” family room, that is still waiting to be Christmased. And that newly reconfigured room will go along nicely with our renewed excitement about the holiday season.

Everybody wins.

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  1. It must be the magical age of 3 as my daughter has started asking me why we don’t have christmas lights on our house- like “all” our neighbours…

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