My husband, he is an enabler.

I have a couple of obsessions. He enables them. Sometimes this is a bad thing. Mostly it’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s an OMG TOTALLY FULL OF WIN thing.

So, you know the other day, I was talking about this thing I have about lists? Yeah, he has a list thing, too. So what does he do? He finds this program called Evernote, and it lets us make lists on whatever computer we are on, and synchronize them. So that means that no matter what computer you use to add something to your list, if you sign in on another computer you can add something to that same list, and see what you added previously. So if I am upstairs, and I think “Oh, I need to add X to my shopping list” I can add it right then and there to the shopping list. Or if I am at work, I can add something there. But the BONUS is, that if BDH is at work, and he thinks of something, he can add it too, from his work computer. We can SHARE lists.

Takes list-making to a whole new level, doesn’t it. I KNOW!!

He also knows I lovelovelove music. Like, geeked-out love. And radio, too. But, in the last couple of years, I have grown disillusioned with commercial radio, in particular the station I listened to since university. We have iTunes and I have links to listen to stations worldwide to get a good station that I enjoy, but that doesn’t help when, say, I’m out and about in the car, or at work, or whatever. So, with a little research… voila, we have satellite radio. So that’s been really nice.

And then there’s knitting. I love to knit. And it’s fair to say, I have a large stash of yarn. Now, in the past, he enabled my knitting obsession by picking up GIANT SKEINS OF YARN he found on sale. And he didn’t bat an eye when I picked up a bunch of balls here, or a bag of mill ends there, or went a little nutty at the going-out-of-business sale at our local yarn store. But this is why I have such a large stash of yarn. I’m slowly knitting my way through it, but the operative word is SLOW. And so, we have had to shove yarn into drawers and bags and boxes and bins to store it, else we end up buried up to our collective whatzis in cheap acrylic and handicraft cotton.

But my birthday is approaching. I am nothing if not cheap, and so when I am asked for what I want for gifts, it is usually something practical. Something I NEED. Now, BDH HATES this. He wants me to get something I WANT. So, this year? I found something frivolous and enjoyable and fun.


So this means, I put in the order, and I get something like 25 balls of yarn, their choosing, and they pack it up and ship it to me. And SURPRISE! I see what I get in the box, and away I go coming up with something to knit. It would be a chance to try yarns that I have never knit with before, so that’s fun. (To be honest, the cheap practical me would probably try to ensure I got something useful and practical, like cottons and washable wools. But still.) And I like the surprise aspect of the colours and so forth. But it also means — MORE YARN WE HAVE NO PLACE TO STORE.

Did BDH complain when I suggested it? On the contrary. He keeps bugging me to see if I have placed the order yet.

So yeah, he’s an enabler. But he’s MY enabler. And if you have a problem with that, you can add it to my list. (But not right now because I have the radio on and I’m knitting.)

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