Win. FAIL. Win!

My adventures with food and recipes and such recently have been well chronicled. I’ve gotten a couple of new cookbooks this year, and have been combing them, and some of the older ones I have that I have not used in awhile, for new and healthful and good meals to add to our repertoire. I’m trying new recipes. Some are successful. Some are not.

So I got a new crock pot cookbook recently, surprisingly enough from Crock Pot, the brand name of slow cookers everywhere. And there was a recipe for scalloped potatoes that I thought I’d try.

BDH really likes him some scalloped potatoes. Well, DUH, he’s a Maritimer. It’s in the blood. But I have never made scalloped potatoes from scratch, so he usually either has to settle for the Betty Crocker boxed variety (WHAT? DON’T YOU JUDGE ME YOU DON’T KNOW MY BETTY CROCKER LOVE) or wait until he is visiting at home for some actual, real, honest-to-dog homemade scalloped potatoes.

But this recipe? Looked TOTALLY EASY. It had, like, SIX ingredients. Easy peasy.

So on Wednesday, I prepared the ingredients and assembled them as instructed. The recipe said to cook for 3 1/2 hour on high, then once the potatoes were tender, another hour on low. So I set my timer and went about my business.

At the 3 1/2 hour mark, I checked to see if the potatoes were tender. And no, they were not. In fact, they were still pretty crisp. Barely cooked at all.

Okay, I thought, well maybe a little longer. So I let them go for another hour on high.

Still hard.

Another half hour.


Now, it was just about dinner time, so I thought I’d check a little further down. And, as I dug down in the pot a little bit, below the layer of mostly-uncooked potatoes and some tender ham, what do you think I found?

That’s right. POTATO MUSH.

Everything below the first uncooked layer of potatoes had dissolved and become a gooey, soupy mess. My beautifully assembled pot of scalloped potatoes was a giant hot pot of EPIC FAIL.

So I got out the peanut butter and made SAMMICHES, DAMMIT.

But I am nothing if not CHEAP. There is NO WAY I was going to just throw away all the potatoes and ham and cheese — READ: MONEY — because things went badly. But after tidying up and putting Stinkerbelle to bed, I was too tired to think about it. So I scraped the entire mess into a covered pot and stuck it in the bottom of the fridge, and just walked away.

So, today, a couple of days later, I got to thinking… what to do with the mess sitting and staring accusingly up at me from the bottom shelf of the fridge?

I got out some onions, and carrots, and butter, and a bit of flour and milk… and suddenly TAA DAAAH! Potato Ham Fail soup!

It’s actually pretty good, too. Perfect for a day when there was a wind chill when we got up this morning.

I love it when a fail can be salvaged. Even though it looks like BDH will have to continue to wait for some homemade scalloped potatoes.

(And, in honour of my foodtastic adventures of late, I started a cooking/recipe blog.)

7 thoughts on “Win. FAIL. Win!

  1. Wait…food blog….mmmmmmm! Link soon please!! Want contributors? My friend and I have been thinking of doing one where people post their favs for all to try.

  2. I would contribute too!

    Your scalloped potatoes have ham? That sounds good! My dad’s have potatoes, onions, cheese, milk & flour (& butter, I think). I am not a fan of onions, so they are not my favourite, but sometimes he does them without onions, just for me! I am so spoiled.

  3. scalloped potatoes…yummy. I did not grow up with them so they are treat and I have not one clue how to make them. But I like eating them. I love all things potato.

    I was just given three new recipes, all of which are DELICIOUS. One asian noodle/broth dish, one ginger cookie recipe, and a yam, nut waffle recipe.

    Happiness is.

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