Random Tuesday: Meh… Edition

Ever have a “meh…” kind of day? Yeah. Me too.

  • It Takes a Special Kind of Talent…: So, you know our whole Meatless Mondays kick? So far, so good. I am combing the cookbooks and Teh Interwebs and trying new things. It’s good. But I have to say, it’s going to be hit or miss for awhile, and while we’re prepared for that, we were not prepared for the epic culinary FAIL of last night’s dinner. I found a recipe for quiche in one of the cookbooks here — it was a crustless quiche, but DUDE. WE LOVES OUR PIE HERE. So I decided to make the recipe, only with a pie crust. It had many of our very most favourite things in it: potatoes, onions, peppers, lots of cheddar cheese, eggs… I was SO excited. And I put these quiches together, and they came out BEAUTIFUL. A more gorgeous quiche I could not have imagined! Bubbly cheese, browned bits of vegetabley goodness… I was thrilled. So I dished it up, and we were all OMG SO EXCITED. And then? DISAPPOINTMENT. I tell you solemnly, it was THE BLANDEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN. The textures were wonderful. It was perfectly cooked. All these gorgeous ingredients came together to make… a whole pie full of NOTHING. It was just… blah. We couldn’t understand it. We’ll try the recipe again, but maybe next time try something like… a zippier kind of cheese? Some of those “egg substitute” kinds of products with herbs and cheeses in them? I don’t know.
  • From the “Glass Is Half Full” Department: On the plus side of my Epic Culinary Fail of last night, we decided to try to offer Stinkerbelle some quiche. Yes, we offered the Kid With The Oral Motor Eating Issues a piece of quiche, full of mixed textures, knowing that she has rejected eggs out of hand any time we have offered it, and that she has never tried onions, or peppers… I don’t know WHAT we could have been thinking. Anyway. She likes pie, and she likes potatoes, so why not? So, even though it was bland, flavourless pie… we slathered it in ketchup, and SHE ATE A WHOLE SLICE. Or, 90 percent of a slice, anyway… as near enough as to count as a full serving in my books. I could have cried, I was so pleased. BUT. Now I’m a little worried that if I screw around with the bland pie she ate, I’ll come up with something she WON’T eat.
  • Catch-22: I wrote last week about how That Girl has decided that naps are NO GOOD NO. Okay, so, I thought, I’m okay with that. Developmentally on schedule and all that, we can cope, right? So we said, Right. Quiet time, if you won’t nap. And she was ALL OVER THAT IDEA LIKE A BAD SMELL. She had three days of quiet time. By the third day, she was getting increasingly frantic and bananas and sleep deprived was not a good look for her. And by day four, Monday — A SCHOOL DAY — she was OUTER LIMITS. She was crabby and, when I arrived early to pick her up from school, I heard her hollering FROM INSIDE THE CLASSROOM, over all the singing, talking kids, about “IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET I WANT TO GO AND SEE MY MOMMY KTHXBAI!” And then, she had a mishap with a friend after class that involved a) falling down and 2) two heads bumped against the wall and/or floor. After which, she pitched an OMG DRAMA LLAMA CRYING FIT because we had to LEAVE MIBBY. So I said I AM SO OVER QUIET TIME AND YOU ARE NAPPING TODAY. And she was very happy with this OH YES SHE WAS. And woke up as happy as can be. So today, after a morning of swimming lessons and playing, I suggested a little nap might be in order. And, not surprisingly, we are back on the NO NAP NOOOOO train. And went back to a quiet time experiment again today. Now, I am thinking, maybe we’ll have to alternate days or something. But I tell you truly, we are less than a week in and I am SO OVER THIS PHASE ALREADY.
  • I’ll Have Three Novembers To Go, Please: So, it’s been cold and raining since approximately AUGUST, except for a lovely couple of weeks of actual fall-like weather earlier this month. It’s like NOVEMBER out there. And I am TOTALLY over it. My hair is doing this weird cowlick thingy in front, there’s mud everywhere, and we’re stuck inside because it’s too damp for much else. It’s cold and the wet means we’re chilled all the damn time. And, oh yeah, I HATE NOVEMBER. And we haven’t even officially HAD November yet. The only saving grace is that there hasn’t been any snow… YET. Although for the first time, I saw SNOWFLAKES on our little forecast icons for later in the week. It has since changed. Good thing too, because otherwise, I was going to WRITE SOMEONE A STRONGLY WORDED LETTER OH YES I WAS. Because that? Is how I roll. (Don’t tell anyone I secretly kind of enjoyed putting the fireplace on this week.)


16 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Meh… Edition

  1. Ok, boo for the bland quiche, but yay for the consumption of an entire! piece! Go Stinkerbelle.

    (Can I interest you in a recipe for Quesadilla Quiche? Definitely not bland.)

  2. Yay That Girl!
    What do you mean snow?
    The forecast here is [switching tabs] rain until Thursday. Followed by increasing damp, then more rain.

  3. Yay Stinkerbelle with the quiche! You go girl! As for the cheese, I’m not sure what age of cheddar you used, but I would say that anything less than “old” would be bland bland bland. For snacking, I prefer mild or medium, but for cooking I use old or extra old. Gruyere is good for cooking, but it’s PRICEY if you’re trying to buy a significant amount.

    • @ Janna — We used old cheddar, and the recipe called for plain old cheddar — I can’t imagine the bland that would have resulted.

      Normally I would a) use swiss or something more zippy, and 2) brush the crust with dijon — neither of which I did because I always try to follow the recipe as is (for the most part anyway) the first time through before modifying.


      So I’ll need to maybe mix in old cheddar and something else half and half next time, or go for broke with something stronger and with more punch. And maybe the dijon, too, for good measure.

  4. You are right, bland quiche is a talent.

    And yay Stinkerbelle! And boo to the alternating nap thing. We have that right now too and I’ve decided it’s going to have to work for me. When I want her to nap, she goes for a nap, when we have things to do, she doesn’t.

    (yes, I know that’s a funny idea!)

    How’s about curry and rice with naan bread???

    • @Tova — I like the idea of curry and rice and naan. I need a good recipe. I have a really good curry recipe, but it is a simple chicken in sauce curry — what can I put in it that is NOT chicken? (And don’t say chick peas because… I think that would be pushing the boundaries for BDH a little.) So, what veggies do you think work in a curry sauce — potatoes? cauliflower? frozen mixed veg? all of the above?

      And then, I need to learn how to make naan. I love naan.

  5. Well, peas, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes and fresh cheese and lots of lovely things.
    Why not mutter paneer, aloo gobi, saag paneer, aloo saag and the like.
    You could even put okra in there. If you were evil.


      All this talk of curry and naan makes me yearn for that Indian restaurant, Koh-i-Noor.

  6. I make a tofu quiche (hide your eyes BDH!) and, to counteract the bland, double the onions and caramelize the heck out of them (for at least on hour). Along with swiss cheese, they do some quiche magic and I can’t taste the tofu at all. Possibly not to Stinkerbelle’s liking, but tasty for the grown up type 🙂

  7. Ok. NO CHICK PEAS…how about potatoes, yams, mixed veggies, and mango? With lots of ginger and garlic?

    MAKE NAAN???

    Are you crazy woman? Go get some from the Indian restaurant as take out. Almost makes up for the meatless part.

  8. Recipe:

    Saute ginger and garlic in butter with a scoop of Moghul Curry (Monsoon Coast brand) Add onions, any veggies/legumes (red lentils??? if chickpeas are out?) you want in order of their cooking needs, coconut milk and/or veggie broth to make it saucy(!) and simmer. 5 minutes before serving add cubed mango. Call BDH and tell him to pick up naan from a good restaurant on the way home! Serve with basmati rice, yogurt and chutney if you want.

    you’ve been reciped.

    also, what does a house in your hood cost? A 4 bedroom preferably? And are their jobs?

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