Extended, A Bit Overly

We’re just about over our collective cold here at the House of Peevish. It seems it hit me the hardest. Or maybe I am just a giant pansy. Probably I am a giant pansy. Either way, I seem to be the only one still hacking up a lung.

But we’re all tired. We’ve all been kind of overextending ourselves, each in our own ways. BDH has been working like a crazy person, because, well, work has been crazy busy. And when he’s not at work, there are soccer games to play, and around the house, there are Things To Be Done.

Stinkerbelle is adjusting to her new schedule of go, go, go all week long. School, swimming, dancing, and other activities, coupled with the New and Improved Non-Napping Attitude means she has been pretty tired, a lot of the time. So much so that today, she heartily approved when I suggested that maybe she might want to have a little nap post-lunch. And then crashed Like A Boss.

And me? Well, I am the Stinkerbelle Event Chauffeur. And this year, that means not only transporting her to her various events, but sometimes participating too, like in her speech therapy classes, or in the first of the scheduled field trips and volunteering for her school. So that’s new. But also, my work workload has increased and I have been doing my best to max out on my hours, which equates to about two hours a day.

But I’ve also been trying to do some extracurricular things too, for fun, but they do make for a time commitment. I am doing eleven knitting projects this year, which is doable… except who thought it was a good idea to make a couple of those projects blankets? There was also the movie nights we had going for awhile here but that seemed to die out as people got busy. And the book club I joined last year is starting up after summer hiatus, and I am continuing the fine tradition of OMG THE MEETING IS WHEN? I HAVEN’T EVEN READ THE BOOK YET. And then there’s regular everyday life stuff, like sewing projects and fitting in exercise and menu planning (NOW WITH ALL NEW MEATLESS RECIPES OH MY DOG WHAT HAVE I DONE).

And, not to be the type of person who learns from her mistakes, I have already committed to a 12-knitting-projects-in-2012 project, and a The West Wing watch-along. And I’m going to take another stab at a Project 365-type photo project of Stinkerbelle once again, since we are kind of regretting not having as many photos of her as we did last year.

And doG knows what else. It’s not even 2012 yet.

So really. REALLY really. Is it ANY surprise we’re run down and getting floored by colds? No, it is NOT.

Life is busy, but it’s a pretty good kind of busy, most of the time. As long as we can keep the colds and flu to a minimum, anyway.

(And as long as the snow hasn’t come yet. But that’s another whine for another day.)

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