Honk (If You Hate Having A Cold)

We’re on day, what, FOUR?? Of this cold. And I have had enough of a cold to say that I Have. Had. Enough.

My sinus are bubbling and whining in a disconcerting manner. I wheeze when I walk from room to room. My nose is sore and peeling. And now, BDH is home with it, too.


So there’s that.

Plus, I had to call in dead for work, so I spent the morning knitting, even if the dulcet tones of Tom Hanks will haunt my dreams. There’s a crock pot of pea soup simmering away on the stove, so we’ve got healthy comfort food for dinner. Right now, as That Girl is napping for all she’s worth in the other room (GO SLEEP! REST OFF THAT COLD!) I am sitting and sipping hot chocolate with Bailey’s. And contemplating more knitting. So it’s not all bad.

But still. I miss breathing. I LIKE breathing. So I am kind of over the Whole Cold Experience already.

Depending on how BDH and Stinkerbelle do, we may yet make it to the scheduled Adoption Lunch thingy this weekend. Although I am guessing it will just be a “quick drop in to say hi and then bugger off” kind of thing. Well, although technically it’s a luncheon, we never get within a stone’s throw of any food substances at these things. And my food-issues kid isn’t going to find much to eat OR be much inclined to sit still for the hour and a half it takes her to eat lunch when there’s eleven zillion other children shrieking around the place. Even on a good day, with NO cold. So probably a quick visit is best. AFTER lunch. If she’s not sick.

But that’s still a couple of days away. I still have a whole lot of hot chocolate and knitting to get through before then.

And cold meds. Let us not forget the cold meds. Last night — well, this morning, actually — I finally had a great sleep. And cold meds give the BEST dreams. I dreamed I was with Benedict Cumberbatch (or, as we refer to him, “Englebert Humperdinck… no, Zingelbert Bembledack! Yingybert Dambleban! Zangelbert Bingledack! Wingelbert Humptyback! … Slut Bunwalla!” Thank you, Eddie Izzard.)

Okay, sorry… Wait. Sidetracked.

Yes. Dreams. So. I dreamed last night I was with Benglebert Humptysmack and Martin Freeman in “Sherlock” — have you SEEN it? GO WATCH IT NOW. — and I was all dressed in black and svelte and cool and we were in some darkened monastery-type place  solving crimes… It was AWESOME. So I look forward to more cold meds and more adventures tonight.

(Yes. All that to sing the praises of cold meds. SHUT UP DON’T YOU JUDGE ME HUMOUR ME I AM SICK.)

Oh DANG. That Girl just woke up. Okay, off to commune for the afternoon with her and Tom Hanks and Tim Allen again.

I wonder if I can knit earplugs?

5 thoughts on “Honk (If You Hate Having A Cold)

  1. Three things:

    a) Way back when I was a team lead, I actually had a guy call in to work dead. They brought him right back, and he was ultimately ok, but was kept in hospital for observation. His brother, who was also on my team, asked if he could have 3 days off.

    b)For my eldest, the movie of choice was “The Santa Clause”. I can still hear the incidental music. You have my deepest sympathies.

    c)I will not judge you for you use of cold meds. Breathing is good. So is actually sleeping.

  2. I recommend Advil Cold & Sinus, for all your decongesting needs. I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday, I hope you’re well enough to make it! The common cold sucks, man.

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