Random Tuesday: Peevish Edition

Today’s randomness is brought to you by Kleenex,  Advil Cold & Sinus, and general lethargy and peevishness.

  • Yeah, but when MY kid does it, it’s CUTE: So, my kid is in swimming lessons. The class is small and the goal is to get them to start swimming independently so parents don’t have to go in with them anymore YAY NO MORE GOING OUT IN PUBLIC IN A BATHING SUIT FOR ME. Generally speaking, the moms and kids are really nice. But one of the kids is an older boy, and he’s FLAILY. He loves swimming, but he flails about and splashes everyone within a 15 foot radius of him. And that is usually ME. I’m getting a little tired of it, to be honest. The kid splashes me more than my own kid, and I’m working directly with her, and she’s jumping in and kicking and stuff. Am I being a bit of a petty speshul snowflayk?? Yes. Yes I am. But I’m giving this kid such a wide berth that I’m halfway across the pool as it is. If I get any farther away I’ll be in the dressing room.
  • Can I get fries with that? Or a steak?: We’re jumping on the whole Meatless Mondays bandwagon here at the House of Peevish. Yeah, it’s good for the environment blah blah blah, but really, we’re in it for the (albeit tiny) health benefits. Well, I am anyway. BDH is dubious about the whole endeavour, and Stinkerbelle’s all WHATEVER PEANUT BUTTER IS NOT MEAT. But both BDH and I could stand to lose a few pounds or 50, and he’s a diabetic and I’ve got high-ish blood pressure so, you know, we both need to change our lifestyles to benefit our health. So this is a good first step. I was, in various phases, an ovo-lacto/pesci-/vegetarian for most of my 20s, so I’m not so much caring about cutting out meat. However, I was a BAD vegetarian, sick all the time and eating really badly, so the challenge for me is to find good, tasty, balanced meals for us that won’t put BDH off entirely. And that aren’t just pasta or soup. (And not salad, because I am not a fan.) And then, if this goes well? Maybe two days a week. BUT LET’S NOT GET CRAZY HERE, PEOPLE.
  • I can only shout so much: My kid has language delays. Production, receptive, you name it, she’s behind in it — all part and parcel of her oral-motor issues. And for the most part, it’s fine. She’s doing well in school, she’s happy and healthy, and we’re not going to sweat it. EXCEPT. In our day-to-day life, we have to change our ways of communicating. We have to speak slowly, and simply, and deliberately, and allow for lots of processing time. We have to use gestures, and modeling, and repeat, repeat, repeat. But sometimes, on better days, you find yourself speaking like one of those stereotypical “tourists abroad” — if you’re in a foreign country and someone doesn’t understand you, you speak LOUDER AND MORE SLOWLY AND WITH RIDICULOUSLY EXAGGERATED E-NUN-CI-A-TION. On the not-so-good days? You find yourself shouting from the sheer frustration of saying the same thing over again for the 10th or 15th time. And you begin to get angry that YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME, when it’s not that at all; rather, she just can’t process what you are saying in the way that you are saying it. Those? Are not our best parenting days ever. Those are the days when you end up crying in frustration and self-loathing because you have lost patience AGAIN and blamed your kid for something that is NOT HER FAULT.
  • Why not “Happy BirthWEEK”?: Today is BDH’s birthday. But, schedules being what they are — BUSY — he picked up his own present, an iSomethingorother, last week sometime. And then we went out for a birthday lunch on Saturday after dance class. Also, I had bought steak to cook a special dinner, which he ended up cooking on Sunday. And today, we’re just having a regular meal, but we have birthday cupcakes and a few other little treats as well. And, because Stinkerbelle loves nothing more than to sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out candles and eat birthday cupcakes, no doubt we’ll do the cupcake thing again tomorrow, too. If we plan well, we could make this birthday last until November.

28 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Peevish Edition

  1. We regularly do birthday weeks around here, you should make it a family tradition.

    I feel as though I should have lots of great meal suggestions for you, but I’m blanking. Will think of it. I think a lot of people like the Moosewood cook books but I wouldn’t know, I don’t have them. Also, how ’bout Ethiopian lentil dishes? Or my refried bean recipe with tortillas and all the fixin’s?

    I wasn’t useless after all!

    • @ Tova – RECIPES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. I welcome any and all recipes! But lentils OMG MAKE ME GASTASTIC. So that may be hit and miss. I have the first Moosewood cookbook from my veggie days so I shall mine that — thanks for reminding me!

  2. No meat? Not a biggie. Do you eat fish? How about eggs? Cheese? Give me parameters, and I shall provide recipe(s).

    • @ Jade – Right now, our Meatless Mondays are aiming to be meals without meat or fish. So eggs and cheese are a-OK. And I’m not aiming for vegan so that’ll likely be the way we always go. I think I’d have to pry cheese out of BDH’s cold, dead hands, honestly.

  3. Hmm, I admit pasta & soup form a large portion of my repertoire. (With a side of roast beef, naturally, BDH.) I’m thinking potato pizza casserole might pass muster? Frittata is great too, just as good as quiche but nine times less work, and you can make it with whatever veggies etc you have on hand.

  4. Vegetarian with no fish, soup, pasta or salad? Tricky, very tricky. I eat mostly vegetarian and even I can’t think of too many suggestions with those criteria!

    – waffles and eggs
    – quesadillas with roasted sweet potatoes and cheese
    – vegetarian lasagna
    – pizza with pesto, pears and walnuts
    – vegetable stir fry with rice/rice noodles

    The Rebar cookbook is my favourite. You might be able to get it at your library.

    • @ melissa — It’s not that we’re doing without soup and pasta; it’s just that when we’re looking at meatless meals, they form a large portion of the recipes I already have. So I am looking for inspiration in other places. But those sound like great ideas! And I’ll try to look for the cookbook, too.

  5. Just some background, so you all don’t think we’re going all green and nutty over here: I saw something come up in my Twitter feed on Meatless Mondays, and I was intrigued. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/09/meatless-mondays-peggy-neu_n_1002784.html

    So we thought we’d give it a try. But we’re not giving up meat and fish entirely OH NO WE ARE NOT YOU WILL HAVE TO PRY MY TASTY BURGER FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.

    And here’s the official Meatless Monday website: http://www.meatlessmonday.com/

  6. Happy (belated) birthday BDH! Looking forward to seeing you (and Cinn & Stinkerbelle) on Saturday (you should see me, I’m doing the shift-from-foot-to-foot dance!). As for meatless dishes, we like to do Indian curries with paneer (we use the Patak’s curry pastes). Not sure if you like Indian food or not. Sometimes, I’ll do paneer with a sauce made from garlic, lemon juice, hot sauce, cilantro & a little cream – soooooo yummy! We usually have that with rice & peas. I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  7. We do Birthday weeks as well, just for more fun and celebration. I hear you on the salad front! I REALLY don’t understand the excitement over salad potlucks or lunches…

    Anyway, there’s my salad rant…my only suggestion for a meatless meal is perogy casserole. Use 16-20 frozen or homemade perogies, 1 can mushroom soup, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, 1/4 cup of milk, 1tbsp butter, 1 onion (or leave out). Saute onion in butter. Mix soup, milk and cheese, then stir in perogy. Add in any veg you like – canned mushrooms, frozen peas work very well and I assume frozen corn would work as well. Put in baking dish, top with more cheese (for BDH 🙂 Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes. I usually make it early in the day, keep in fridge then pop in oven in time for dinner. Not exactly low cal/low fat but delicious!

  8. Ya, I’m not sure perogy casserole is any healthier than going meatless. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE perogy casserole, but…

    Lentil and bean trick to rid you of the bubbles. Soak them for 24hours. At least 12. I soak overnight and cook with them the next day. Rinse well. If they’ve started sprouting, even better. Even fewer bubbles.

    Refried beans:

    3c. dried pinto beans soaked 24 hours in slow cooker with some water. Add some chopped onion and garlic, cumin and Mexican smoked chili powder. Cook all day long till you are swooning from the smell. Salt to taste and mash with potato masher if you want them creamier. Add veggie broth if too dry. Eat with tomatoes, avos, cheese, salsa, sourcream and even lettuce. Can be wrapped or turned into a 7 layer, or grilled into a quesadilla.

    This is the cheapest, yummiest comfort food, EVAH!

    Pataks makes great sauces. I pour over chickpeas, mango and sweet potatoes and eat over rice. Mmmmm…

    And. Thanks to Melissa for introducing Rebar to me. Some recipes are way to much work, but the inspiration in that book is limitless. I love it so much I bought it. You might even *GASP* like some of their salads.

  9. PS. @ BDH – you are just as misbehaved as Hoty! Seriously, pipe down! And eat some veggies. They are good for you, or something. Oh, and Happy Birthweek!

  10. Also, I use foodgawker.com and tastespotting.com often for recipe ideas – you can do a “meatless” search.

  11. Hey Cinn, I lurk a lot lately but thought I would comment on this post.

    First off, happy birthday to BDH. We do “birthday eve” and “birthday boxing day” so not quite a week but we do stretch it out to at least 3 days.

    As for weight loss, last year hubby and I were having the same problem, high blood pressure, family history of diabetes, etc. We started following the South Beach diet. It is almost like you are not on a diet as you eat all the time and it includes desserts everyday if you want. It stabilizes your blood sugar so it is great for diabetics. Anyway after one year, hubby has lost over 60 pounds and I have lost over 50 pounds. If you haven’t checked it out, it may work for you as well.

    *Back to lurking*

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