Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night – September


Well now. THIS was interesting. I took our suggestions for the September movie and let BDH choose one out of a hat. And so, this month’s movie will be:

The Trouble With Harry

So, it’s a classic Hitchcock comedy-mystery… not a bad way to lead us into October, I think! And if you check out the IMDB page, it’s got an interesting cast. Edmund Gwenn from “Miracle on 34th Street”. Shirley MacLaine’s first film. John Forsythe. Jerry Mathers from “Leave It To Beaver”.

This could be a fun one. I see a movie night in the future for BDH and myself, with a BIG bowl of popcorn. And my knitting, of course.

It’s available on Netflix, and probably for rental/purchase elsewhere. Hell, it’s from the 50s, so you might even be able to get it at the library.

So, thanks to Jade for the suggestion! I’ll post the discussion in October, say the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night – September

  1. you are so brilliant with your library suggestion… 3 copies checked in! One even at a relatively close branch!

    (I was also quite amused by the fact that the first match that came up when I typed in the title was for “Horrible Harry and the Green Slime.” Uh, no, I don’t think that’s it.)

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