September Movie Night Suggestions?

Alright, so what’s our movie for September going to be? We need some suggestions. If there is no specific movie you want to see, then suggest a genre. Or, if you want a surprise, I can pull a name out of a hat. It’s all good.

(Personally, I’m in the mood for something with a bit of drama, maybe. Something to get really involved in.)

I’ll take suggestions until Sunday, and will post the movie title on Monday.

8 thoughts on “September Movie Night Suggestions?

  1. How about “The Trouble With Harry”, “The Day of the Jackal”, or “Meet Joe Black”?

    They are all a little more on the dramatic side, older and thus available on NetFlix, and fall into the category of “Movies I’ve Never Managed to Watch All The Way Through”.

  2. Those sound interesting! I’ve not seen any of them.

    Me, I was thinking of “Gosford Park” or “Cold Comfort Farm”. Or if people could handle a 3-hour miniseries, “Lost in Austen”. I think it’s because there’s been so much talk in the press of the new “Jane Eyre” that came out this month.

    And I kind of admit I want to try “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” too, although I know it’s probably pretty oddball and not to everyone’s tastes.

  3. I think I might even try to watch this month! I don’t have any specific suggestions, but fall definitely makes me thing of costume dramas with roaring fires and tureens of soup being passed around the table!

  4. I was going to suggest “Amelia” with Hilary Swank – saw a preview and it looked not bad. But then I read the reviews and thought, uh, maybe not.

    I have not watched anything Austen. I have, however, read things Austen and now run screaming from anything Austen. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Ooh, “Amelia” has Christopher Eccleston in it, so even though it’s probably pretty bad I would have something pretty to look at.

    If you have read Austen then I think you would appreciate “Lost in Austen”.

  6. Also, I saw Lost in Austen and it was long…I fell asleep for part of it! The Adventures of Baron Munchusen was interesting but every now and then I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming a little bit.

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